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Vertical Fenwal Detect-A-Fire Switches

Anderson-Bolds stocks Fenwal Detect-A-Fire Switches

Fenwal Vertical Detect-A-Fire (DAF) switches are mounted to the ceiling to detect temperature rise and either turn off a machine or allow for sprinklers or other release devices to put out a fire.

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Fenwal Vertical detectors are designed for use in both "ordinary" or "hazardous" locations. For "ordinary" use, they may be mounted to any approved junction box with 7/8" diameter opening by using 1/2-14 NPT mounting nuts. The device may be wired in or out of conduit, depending on local preference and codes. Four lead wires are provided on normally open vertical units (that close on temperature rise), per UL requirement, to facilitate supervision of system wiring. Instruments are Underwriters Laboratory and Underwriters Laboratory of Canada listed and Factory Mutual (FM) approved for hazardous locations, when mounted in a suitable fitting.

Fenwal Part Numbers include : 27120 28020 27121 28021
Temperature Settings (degrees F): 

140 160 190 210 225 275 325 360 450 500 600 750

Fenwal DETECT-A-FIRE® (D-A-F) thermal detectors are UL Listed (UL of Canada available upon request), and FM Approved detection and release devices for use with fire detection systems to activate alarms and extinguishing systems. This Rate Compensated device combines the best features of both fixed temperature and rate-of-rise detectors. 

Normally Closed, Open on Rise Switches (Click to View)
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-E27120-000-140 has a set point of 140 degrees F
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-E27120-000-160 has a set point of 160 degrees F
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-E27120-000-190 has a set point of 190 degrees F
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-E27120-000-210 has a set point of 210 degrees F
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-E27120-000-225 has a set point of 225 degrees F
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-F27120-000-275 has a set point of 275 degrees F
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-F27120-000-325 has a set point of 325 degrees F
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-F27120-000-360 has a set point of 360 degrees F
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-G27120-000-450 has a set point of 450 degrees F

Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-E27120-022-140 has a set point of 140 degrees F
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-E27120-022-160 has a set point of 160 degrees F
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-E27120-022-190 has a set point of 190 degrees F
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-E27120-022-210 has a set point of 210 degrees F
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-E27120-022-225 has a set point of 225 degrees F
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-F27120-022-275 has a set point of 275 degrees F
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-F27120-022-325 has a set point of 325 degrees F
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-F27120-022-360 has a set point of 360 degrees F 
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-G27120-022-450 has a set point of 450 degrees F

Coupling Head, Normally Closed, Open on Rise Switches
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-E28020-003-140 has a set point of 140 degrees F
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-E28020-003-160 has a set point of 160 degrees F
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-E28020-003-190 has a set point of 190 degrees F
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-E28020-003-210 has a set point of 210 degrees F
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-E28020-003-225 has a set point of 225 degrees F
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-F28020-003-275 has a set point of 275 degrees F
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-F28020-003-325 has a set point of 325 degrees F
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-F28020-003-360 has a set point of 360 degrees F
Fenwal Detect-A-Fire model 12-G28020-003-450 has a set point of 450 degrees F

  • Hazardous Locations: For Class I, Division 1 and 2 locations install the D-A-F Unit in a listed explosion-proof enclosure with a minimum thread engagement of five full turns. No non-conductive material is to be placed on the threaded joint of the D-A-F Unit or in the listed explosion-proof enclosure. For Division 2 locations assure that a protective ground terminal is provided in the listed explosion-proof enclosure when flexible metal conduit is used.

  • Non-Hazardous Outdoor Locations: Mount the D-A-F in a Listed NEMA Type 3 outlet box, cover and conduit, with 1/2- 14 NPT threads and a minimum thread engagement of 5 full turns. Use pipe plugs with RTV silicone rubber sealant, a rubber gasket and self- sealing screws to attach the cover, and PTFE thread sealtape on the D-A-F threads. For additional requirements consult the local fire department, the National Electric Code and/or the local authority having jurisdiction in the area.

As part of the recommended maintenance procedure, perform a visual inspection of the Fenwan DETECT-A-FIRE® unit in accordance with NFPA 72 guidelines. During the visual inspection, verify that the sensing shell is free of dents, dings or build up of foreign matter of any kind. If the shell is dented or shows signs of any physical damage, replace the unit immediately. If a build up of dust has accumulated on the unit, clean the unit with a vacuum or soft dry cloth. If the shell has been painted, replace the unit. Be careful not to damage the unit in any way.
Note: Some units are factory coated. Do not confuse these with units that were painted by the owners. 


Fenwal Vertical Detect-A-Fires...Fenwal Vertical Detect-A-Fires...Fenwal Vertical Detect-A-Fires

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Q'Mark Electric Heat ~ Wall Heaters

Anderson-Bolds is the Q'Mark Rep for Ohio.

Summer is the time to install New Wall heater before the cold weather sets in.

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Q'Mark Commercial Wall Heaters

Artisan SSAR Series:
Sleek Modern Design
Digital Touch Screen LCD Thermostat
BMS Compatible
Energy Efficiency with proportional heating
120V, 208V, 240V, 277V
540 watts to 4800 watts

Q'Mark SSAR Artisan Wall Heater

SSHO Smart Series:
High Output Digital programmable tour screen
BMS Compatible
Instant Heat where and the you need it
208V, 240V, 277V
1800 watts to 4000 watts

Q'Mark SSHO Smart Wal Heater

AWH Series:
BMS Compatible with Relay
Fan Delay preventing cold air discharge
Manual reset overheat protection
Tamper Proof T'Stat setting
Totally enclosed motor
120V, 208V, 240V, 277V
1500 watts to 4000 watts
Q'Mark's Most Popular Wall Heater

Q'Mark AWH Wall Heater

CWH Series:
Fast Heat response, compact design
Contemporary Bar Stock for optimized Air Flow
Manual reset overheat protection
Totally enclosed motor
120V, 208V, 240V, 277V
500 watts to 2000 watts
Q'Mark's Most Popular Wall Heater

Q'Mark CWH Wall Heater

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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Anderson-Bolds is an Altech Products distributor.

Altech Corp. provides Automation and Control components and ATEX Rated products.

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Aluminum and Polyester Enclosures
Cable Gland - ATEX Polyamide
Snap-action Switch
Position Switch series ENM2 and GC, Rope Pull Switch SD
DIN Rail Terminal Blocks

Circuit Breaksers
Altech is a US leader in DIN rail mounted breakers with ratings up to 63A. Only Altech offers DIN rail mounted breakers that meet UL489, UL508 or UL1077 approvals with a short circuit interrupt capacity of up to 10kA. 
When you need branch circuit protection, Altech offers UL489 Miniature Molded Case Circuit Breakers in both AC and DC voltages. The AC version offers dual voltage rated circuit breakers at 0.2-63A/240VAC and 0.2-32A/480Y/277VAC in 1-3 poles. Altech is the only company that offers a 14kA, 20A C curve single phase breaker at 277V AC. The DC version offers 0.2-63A at 125V (1 pole) and 250V (2 pole).
If your application requires a manual motor controller, Altech is the leading US supplier of UL508 Manual Motor Controllers (MMC). In AC, we offer up to 60A in 1 to 3 poles at 480Y/277VAC. With 6 trip curves, Altech has the largest selection in the industry. This ensures you the selectivity you require for your application designs. Our MMCs have a 10kA short circuit withstand capacity, this is the highest rating in the industry. The AC version is rated up to 60A and is DC rated in 2 poles up to 80VDC.
When your application requires supplemental protection for control circuits and on the load side of branch circuit protectors Altech has solutions. We offer a competitive line of AC Supplementary Protectors, up to 63A, in 1 to 3 poles at 480Y/277VAC with a 10kA short circuit withstand rating.

The UL 489 Branch Circuit with Ground Fault Relay is the 1st in the industry! Since it includes a UL 489 Branch Circuit Protector, in many cases there is no need for upstream circuit protection. It comes in 1+N pole, 2 pole and 2 pole +N configurations at 240V AC, 120/240V AC. It has a rated current of 5 - 40A. It also has a Rated Short Circuit Interrupt Capacity of 10kA and comes in Overload tripping curves B, C and D. The Rated Frequency is 50/60Hz.
The UL 1053 approved device comes in 1 pole + N and 3 pole + N at 277V AC, 480Y/277V AC. It has a Rated Current of 25, 40 and 63A. It also has a Rated Short Circuit Withstand Capacity of 10kA and a Rated Frequency of 50/60Hz.
The GF Series of Equipment Ground Fault Protection Relays (Earth Leakage Protection) is providing ground fault (residual current) as well as pulsating DC ground fault protection for circuits with loads up to 63A.
The UL 1077/1053 device comes in 1 pole + N and 3 pole + N at 277V AC, 480Y/277V AC. Rated Current ranges from 5 - 40A. It also has a Rated Short Circuit Withstand Capacity of 10kA, and comes in Overload tripping curves B, C and D. The Rated Frequency is 50/60Hz.
The GFR Series is a combined Equipment Ground Fault Relay and Supplementary Protector (RCBO) is designed to provide protection against overloads and AC ground faults (residual current faults) as well as pulsating DC ground faults.

Power Distribution Blocks
  • Speed of mounting and wiring
  • IP20 Finger Safe
  • DIN Rail or Panel Mount
  • Blocks fit with other DIN Rail mountable modular devices (height 95mm, depth 44.5mm)
  • Accessories increase the number of outputs with only one input

RCCB Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers
Compact DIN rail mount RCCB Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers detect and interrupt ground faults. They are VDE approved for the European system of protecting people, animals, equipment and property from dangerous line-to-ground and shock hazard currents.
US applications include ground fault protection of equipment (GFPE), especially when high distributed capacitance or other leakages cause excessive nuisance trips at lower fault currents.

  • RCCB Four Pole, 2- or 3-Phase
  • RCCB Two Pole, Single Phase
  • Electrical Ratings:
    16-63A / 415Y/240V AC
  • Trip Capable on Decayed Line Voltage
  • Marked Approval of VDE
  • Marked "Snowflake" Temperature Range (-25 to 40 °C [-13 to 104 °F])
  • Marked Trip Sensitivity to Pulsed as well as Sinusoidal Fault Currents
  • Integral Test Circuit
  • Insensitive to Vibration, et
TR Series
UL1077 Recognized
Supplementary Protector/
Circuit Breaker for Equipment

Electrical Ratings: 0.5-16.0A / 240V AC, 50/60Hz, 32V DC / 24V DC (VDE)
Protection of Control Transformers, UPS, Power strips, Solenoids etc., against damage due to
overload conditions.

Motor Disconnect Switches
  • One of the smallest 80A switches in the industry
  • Advanced switch technology (use of silver contacts ensures safe and durable operation)
  • Across the line, motor starting - up to 75hp/600V
  • General Use Rating - 16A to 150A/600V
  • Available as rotary switches for extended or direct handle
  • Toggle switches
  • Non-fused switch
  • Short Circuit withstand Ratings 10kA with back-up fuse
  • DIN Rail and panel mount available
  • Comprehensive range of accessories includes Door Mounting Kits & Fuse Holder
  • Snap on auxiliary contacts
  • Enclosed switches with UL 4, 4X Type 4x rating
  • AC Motor Across-the-line
  • AC General Use
  • Horsepower Ratings
  • DIN Rail Mount

Extended / Direct Handle Motor Disconnect SwitchThe KU/VKA...N series can be used with extended and direct handles.
  • 3-4 poles
  • General Purpose Current: 25A - 150A
  • Maximum Voltage: 600V AC
  • Motor FLA @ 480V AC: 17.5A - 34A
  • Motor FLA @ 600V AC: 11A - 83A
  • 1 Phase and 3 Phase Horsepower Rating
  • Short Circuit withstand Rating at 600V with Max. Fuse
  • Terminal Size Acceptability: 14-8AWG - 4-1/0AWG
Extended Handle Accessories
  • Door Interlock Handles
  • Door Interlock Shaft
  • Auxiliary Switches
  • Fuse Holder
  • Direct Handles
  • Door Mountng Kits
    OKA 0V LK2
    OKA KU LK10
  • Mounting Alternatives - Aluminum DIN Rail

Polycarbonate Enclosed Motor Disconnect Switch
These enclosed switches can be used locally at the motor.
  • Can be used locally at the motor
  • UL Type 4X
  • IEC IP65 Protection Level
  • UV resistant
  • Resistant to many chemicals
  • Lockable - Defeatable Handle

Aluminum Enclosed Motor Disconnect Switch
These enclosed switches can be used locally at the motor.
  • UL Type 4
  • Excellent in harsh weather conditions
  • UV resistant
  • Resistant to many chemicals
  • IP66 Protection Level
  • Lockable and Defeatable Handle
Stainless Steel Enclosed Motor Disconnect Switch
These enclosed switches can be used locally at the motor.
  • UL Type 4X
  • Ideal where chemicals are used for cleaning and maintenance such as food processing and breweries
  • Mining is another application area
  • Stainless Steel (Grade AISI 316)
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • IP66 Protection Level
  • Lockable - Defeatable Handle
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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Fenwal Detect-A-Fire ATEX Rated

ATEX Rated Fenwal Fire Detectors from Anderson-Bolds

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The Heat Detector Assembly includes part number 17343-124
Heat Detector and Field wire Terminal housing. The assembly is
available in two orientations: Right as part number 03-17343-
127; Left as part number 03-017343-126. The internal connections
are the same in both styles. For additional details on
the Heat Detector, refer to the Operation and Maintenance

Instructions for Fire / Overheat Detector for Series 17343-124.

IECEx Conditions of Certification:
The enclosure shall be installed to a flat rigid surface
using the mounting means provided.
All conductors/cables shall be suitable for a temperature
of 200°C.
All cable/conduit fittings shall be certified equivalent
to the marking on the apparatus and have a
minimum IP54 rating.
Not more than one single or multiple strand lead
shall be connected into either side of any terminal,
unless multiple conductors have been joined in a
suitable manner, e.g. two conductors into a single
insulated crimped boot lace ferrule.
Leads connected to the terminal shall be insulated
for a minimum 125V and the insulation shall extend
to within 1mm of the metal terminal throat.
All terminal screws, used or unused, shall be tightened

The Fire Detectors come in 5 temperature set points.
140ºF, 325ºF, 425ºF, 600ºF and 725ºF
The Detectors are color coded for Temperature by bands on the tip of the detector shell 17343-124
No Band is 140ºF
Red Band is 325ºF
Green Band is 425ºF
Orange Band is 600ºF
Gray Band is 725ºF


Refer to the following steps for proper installation of the Heat
Detector assembly:
Recommendation: For best support, use rigid conduit when
installing the heat detector field wiring.
1. After proper mounting of the Heat Detector Housing,
unscrew the enclosure cover, exposing the field wire terminals.
2. Ensure the connections between the Heat Detector and
Terminal Block have not become loose during shipping,
tighten as required.
3. Strip 0.3" (7.6mm) of the insulation from the ends of
Input connection A & B.
4. Insert field wire through port.
5. With a flat tip .14 (3.6mm) screw driver, loosen Input connection
A & B set screw.
6. Insert the exposed end of input connection A and B into
the terminal block as shown.
7. Tighten locking screws hand tight plus 1/4 turn.
8. Thread Heat Detector cover hand tight and tighten.
9. Secure cover in place by tightening the locking set screw
located within the cover with a 1/16 (4.2mm) hex “Allen”

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Fenwal Fire Detectors 17343...Fenwal Fire Detectors 17343...Fenwal Fire Detectors 17343...

Thursday, April 30, 2020

FINBAR Tubular Air Heaters

Anderson-Bolds sells Watlow FINBAR Air Heaters

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FINBAR™ Single-Ended Heaters

Composed of aluminized steel fins press fitted to a
one-inch single-ended FIREBAR element. The FINBAR™
is designed to improve heat transfer to the air and
permits putting more power in tighter spaces—like forced
air ducts, dryers, ovens and load bank resistors.
Heat transfer, lower sheath temperature and element life
are all maximized by its finned construction. Installation
is simplified by terminations exiting at one end and
mounting accommodations on both ends.

Watlow FINBAR Tubular Finned Air Heater

Performance Capabilities
• Watt densities up to 50 W/in2 (7.7 W/cm2)
• 304 stainless steel sheath temperatures up to
1200°F (650°C)
• Voltages up to 480VAC
• Amperages up to 48 amperes per heater or
16 amperes per coil

Features and Benefits
Rugged aluminized steel fins
• Provides an increase in surface area to approximately
16 square inches for every linear inch of element
length. Fins press fitted to the heating element
improve heat transfer to the air
Single-ended termination
• Simplifies wiring and installation
Stainless steel mounting bracket, welded to the
terminal end, supplied with a slotted end
• Allows ease of installation
Lavacone seals
• Provides protection against humid storage
conditions, moisture retardant to 221°F (105°C)

Construction Features
Watt Density: Up to 40 W/in2 (6.2 W/cm2)
Fin Surface Area: 16 in2/linear in. (40.5 cm2/linear cm)
Fin Cross Section: 2 x 1 in. (50 x 25 mm)
Maximum Operating Temperature: Sheath material:
304 SS, 1200°F (650°C), fin material; aluminized steel;
1100°F (600°C)
Heater Length: 11 to 120 in. (280 to 3050 mm)
No-Heat Length: 1 in. (25 mm) min.,
12 in. (305 mm) max.
Voltages: Up to 240VAC
Phase: 1-phase parallel or 3-phase wye
Resistance Coils: 1 or 3
Terminations: Flexible lead wires, quick connect
(spade), screw lug (plate) and threaded stud
Seal Material: Lavacone, rated to 221°F (105°C)
Single-End Configuration: Slotted

Typical Applications
• Forced air heating for dryers, ovens, ducts
• Still air heating for ovens, comfort heating
• Incubators
• Ink drying
• Load bank resistors

Application Hints
• Avoid deteriorating the fins by not exceeding the
recommended maximum fin temperature of
1100°F (600°C).
• Ensure proper air flow to prevent premature
heater failure.
• Locate the temperature sensor downstream from
heater(s) for process temperature sensing.
The following mounting parameters are recommended:
• Air flow over element must be parallel with the
flat side.
• Element center line to element center line spacing
must be a minimum of 11/2 in. (38 mm).

Part numbers range from 10.25 inches to 47.75 inches in length.

Wattage range from 300 Watts to 4000 Watts with two watt densities.  
20 W/in2  and  40 W/in2

Watlow FINBAR elements are rated in both 120 volt or 240 volt versions.

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Cleveland, Ohio

Monday, March 30, 2020

RAYMAX from Watlow

RAYMAX® 1220 and 2030 Panel Heaters from Anderson-Bolds

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 Ideal For Many Process Heating Applications Requiring “Hot Face” Temperatures

The Raymax Panel heater product line from Watlow solves virtually an application requiring radiant heat from a contamination resistant surfaces to fast responding high temperature needs.

Watlow Raymax Radient Panel

Maximum face temperature up to 2000ºF

Typical applications are:
Food warming
Paint and epoxy curing
Heat treating
High temperature Furnaces
Tempering and annealing processes

Raymax 1010
1000ºF Face Temperature

The Ryamax 1010 is the ideal for use in screen printing, food warming and other low heat applications. The Heater's "sealed face" keeps contaminates away from the heating element, and the metal surface can be easily wiped or brushed clean whenever needed.
Uniform full surface heat source
Convenient ready to use package
One inch thick backside insulation
Repeatable temperature sensing options
UL: component listing.

Heater width is from 4-20 inches
Heater Length is from 10 to 68 inches
voltage up to 480 vac
Watt Density is 10W/sq. inch
 Easy to install and capable of high surface temperatures,
the RAYMAX® 1220 and 2030 are ideal for many process
heating applications requiring “hot-face” temperatures
above 1000°F (540°C).
Each ceramic fiber heater is mounted in a 212 in. (64 mm)
deep sheet metal case providing thermal insulation. The case
includes post terminals for electrical connections and
provides a mounting system that can be used with virtually
any flat ceramic fiber unit. Watt density and temperature
capabilities can be tailored to meet a specific radiant
application for exposed sinuated embedded coil or foil
element configuration.

Performance Capabilities
RAYMAX 2030 (uses sinuated or coil elements):temperatures up to 2000°F (1095°C); watt densitiesup to 30 W/in2 (4.7 W/cm2)
RAYMAX 1220 (uses an etched foil element):temperatures up to 1200°F (650°C); watt densitiesup to 20 W/in2 (3 W/cm2)
Maximum voltage up to 600V

Features and Benefits
Lightweight, low mass design
Allows fast response to controllers
Self insulation with 21/2 in. (64 mm ) thick mounting case
Provides high efficiency
Thermocouple mounting clamp
Simplifies process system control
Aluminized steel case
Handles temperatures up to 1100°F (595°C)
Special hot-face heating patterns
Designed specifically for an application using an etched foil RAYMAX 1220

Weight: Less than 6.5 lbs/ft2 (31.75 kg/m2
Voltage and Wattage: Ratings, up to 600VAC are based on 
the ceramic fiber heater module mounted in the case. 
Terminals: Terminals are 14-20 threaded studs. Two terminals 
plus ground for single-phase, and three terminals plus ground 
for 3-phase are located on the center length line unless 
otherwise specified. Terminals can be positioned anywhere 
along lines A and B (see illustration below), but not closer 
than 2 in. (51 mm) to the case ends. 
Mounting Legs: Mounting legs are available either 
1 in. (25 mm) or 3 in. (76 mm) length. For made-to-order units, 
mounting legs can be supplied in any incremental length L 
from 12 in. (13 mm) to 3 in. (76 mm). Slots are not provided in 
legs less than 1 in. (25 mm) long. 

Application Hints 
A thermocouple mounting clamp is attached to one end of 
the case, with holes on both ends for alternate locations. 
The clamp can be used with 18 in. (3.2 mm) O.D. sheath 
thermocouples. The clamp is 3/16 in. (4.8 mm) high, but 
can be removed for flush mounting*. 
The maximum recommended surface temperature of the 
heater is based on the rating of the ceramic fiber heater 
module. This can vary from 2000°F (1095°C) at lower watt 
densities, to higher watt densities at reduced surface 
temperatures. Note: maximum wattages cannot be achieved 
at the maximum temperatures simultaneously. 
* 1316 in. (4.8 mm) and 14 in. (6 mm) are available upon request. 

Several options are available with RAYMAX 1220 and 2030 
models. Contact your Watlow representative for more 
• Single-phase non-standard location power terminals 
• Terminal box 
• Zoning 
• Mounting studs and legs 
• 3-phase construction 
• Thermocouple mounting tubes 
• Alternate case materials 

VP504A06T, VP504A12T, VP504A18T, VP504A24T, VP504A30T, VP504A36T
VP506A06T, VP506A12T, VP506A18T, VP506A24T, VP506A30T, VP506A36T
VP508A06T, VP508A12T, VP508A18T, VP508A24T, VP508A30T, VP508A36T
VP510A06T, VP510A12T, VP510A18T, VP510A24T, VP510A30T, VP510A36T
VP510A06T, VP510A12T, VP510A18T, VP510A24T, VP510A30T, VP510A36T
VP512A06T, VP512A12T, VP512A18T, VP512A24T, VP512A30T, VP512A36T
VP514A06T, VP514A12T, VP514A18T, VP514A24T, VP514A30T, VP514A36T
VP516A06T, VP516A12T, VP516A18T, VP516A24T, VP516A30T, VP516A36T