Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Parker Lead Free Water Steam Valves

Lead Free Steam and Hot Water Valves from Anderson-Bolds

New Lead Free Solenoid Valves from Parker to service the Steam and Hot Water markets.

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Parker's Fluid Control Division (FCD) has a long history in manufacturing industry leading steam and hot water valves. Parker has now expanded this offering to include Lead Free Brass valves (containing less than .25% lead) meting the SDWA, Section 1417 requirements for brass. The Parker valves are specifically designed to withstand harsh application conditions.  The steam valves have an integral Stainless Steel orifice for long life and durability.

Lead Free Parker Hot Water and Steam Valves Solenoid Valves

Typical Applications are:

Industrial Dish Washing
Industrial Laundry
Commercial Cooking
Steam Tables
Sterilizers and AutoClaves
Dry Cleaning
Steam Presses
Hotel Laundry

The Valves come in 2 way operation and in either Normally closed or normally open. The Media is water, hot water or steam with valve sizing of 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch ports. The wetted parts are Lead Free Brass, 300/400 series Stainless Steel and copper and either PTFE or EPDM seals.
Depending on size and voltage type the pressure are from 70 to 275 and Cv's up to 12.2.  Water max temperature is 180 degrees F. and steam temperatures to 353 with Class H coils. Steam valves only come in AC voltages.
The standard coils are Nema 4 with a 1/2 inch conduit connection and 18 leads.  Optional coil is the DIN style plug in coil 43850A/ISO 440. Standard voltages are 24, 120 and 240 VAC and 12 and 24 VDC.

AC Valve Body Part Numbers are:
Hot Water


DC Valve Body Part Numbers are:
Hot Water


Monday, August 13, 2018

Watlow Limit and Scanner Cn

Anderson-Bolds Provides High Quality Watlow Temperature Control Products


Watlow single and multi-loop limits provide cost-effective solutions for single- and multi-channel, temperature monitoring. Limits monitor the process value where thermal system protection is needed, closing a contact output for normal operation and opening that contact to shut down the process or equipment when the value is outside the safe range.
Various configurations offer user-selectable or fixed-configuration sensor options including thermocouple, process, RTD and thermal switch inputs as well as user-settable or fixed limit values. Models with displays have user-selectable temperature units. Other features include sensor break protection, industry standard I/O options and UL® and CSA approval. All limits and scanners are RoHS compliant. Limits have FM approval for performance in limit (Over Temperature) applications. Watlow limits are designed and manufactured to withstand harsh industrial environments and come with a three-year warranty.


The EZ-ZONE PM panel mount limit controllers from Watlow® offer control options to reduce system complexity and the cost of thermal loop ownership. The EZ-ZONE PM limit controller provides high amperage power controller output and over/under limit control in one space saving, panel mount package.

Because EZ-ZONE PM limit controllers are scalable, the customer only pays for what is needed. This controller is available in 1/32, 1/16, 1/8 and 1/4 DIN panel mount packages.


The EZ-ZONE®RM high-density limit module used in conjunction with the EZ-ZONE RM temperature control module and high-density control module offer agency approved over and under temperature limit function to ensure system safety. The EZ-ZONE RM high-density limit controls 4, 8, or 12 limit loops per module or up to 192 limit loops per system.


Watlow's family of micro processor-based temperature limit controllers provide an economical solution for applications requiring temperature limit control. Temperature limit controllers are available in a broad range of packaging options, allowing selection of the best version for an individual application. Temperature limit controllers are available without an operator interface and can be ordered in square 1/8 DIN-panel mount, DIN-rail mount or open board design configurations.
The SERIES LF limit controllers offers fixed set points and can be supplied with or without an operator interface. Operating set point temperature values are customer defined in the product configuration part number.

The LF temperature limit controllers are factory mutual (FM) approved with special UL® approval for the open board potted versions. Watlow's temperature limit controllers include industry leading service and support and are protected by a three-year warranty.


Watlow's microprocessor-based temperature limit controller provides an economical solution for applications requiring temperature limit control. Limits are available in a broad range of packaging options, allowing selection of the best version for an application. The temperature limit controller Series LV is available with an operator interface and can be ordered in 1⁄8 DIN-square panel mount or DIN-rail mount design configurations.

The variable SERIES LV temperature limit controller includes an operator interface for viewing and selecting the set point. A red, four-character seven segment LED displays the set point. Set point selection is made with a continuous turn rotary encoder. Operating range temperature values are customer defined in the product configuration part number.

The temperature limit controllers are factory mutual (FM) approved with special UL® approval for the open board potted versions. Watlow's limit controllers include industry leading service and support and are protected by a three-year warranty.


The EZ-ZONE PM Express panel mount limit controller from Watlow’s family of limit controls is an industry leading limit controller that allows for optimal performance utilizing simple over/under limit control and menu functionality without complex features. The EZ-ZONE PM Express limit controller is ideally suited for basic applications and usage levels.

The EZ-ZONE PM Express limit controller is the next generation of controllers leveraging the strong legacy of Watlow's SERIES 94, SERIES 945 and SERIES SD limit controllers where easy-to-use features are needed for basic applications. It includes one universal input and the option for up to two outputs and is available in 1⁄32 and 1⁄16 DIN panel mount limit controls packages.

The EZ-ZONE PM Express limit controls are a great addition to the EZ-ZONE PM family which includes two other controller versions, the EZ-ZONE PM integrated controller and the EZ-ZONE PM temperature and process controller. This family provides an ideal platform to perform many applications.


The EZ-ZONE® RM high-density scanner module can be used in conjunction with any EZ-ZONE RM family module as a monitor or to provide additional logic function to a system. The scanner module can also be used as a stand alone product for multiple inputs of monitoring applications. The EZ-ZONE RM high-density scanner module provides 4, 8, 12 or 16 loops of monitoring per module or up to 256 monitoring loops per system.

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Carlo Gavazzi Earth Leakage Monitors

Carlo Gavazzi Earth Leakage (grounding) Monitor Relays

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CARLO GAVAZZI is proud to announce the launch of two new Earth Leakage Monitoring Relays, the DEA71 and DEB71. When used in conjunction with a CTG Series Core Balance Current Transformer and appropriate circuit breaker, they provide machine protection against fault currents, and help to reduce fire hazards. These earth leakage relays react to small changes in current which can occur due to insulation or grounding failure.
Two models, each offering choices of threshold ranges, allow users to find the right solution for their unique requirements. The DEA71 features fixed trip levels which offer time-saving installation, with a reliable tripping level and safety against tampering. The DEB71 provides ability to adjust trip levels and includes an adjustable time delay; a lockable front cover provides further tamper protection.
A key advantage offered by DEA71 and DEB71 is avoidance of nuisance tripping in the circuit, in accordance with the EN 60947-2 Annex M norm. Two separate alarm outputs allow for a warning signal to be generated before a shutdown is necessary. Their compact (35mm wide) housing preserves valuable panel space.
The DEA71 and DEB71 from Carlo Gavazzi perform crucial monitoring of earth leakage, prolonging machine life by limiting damage from ground faults as well as reducing fire risk. They conform to global standards such as UL 508, CSA C22.2 and EN 60947-2 Annex M.
The features of the DEA71 and DEB71 Earth Leakage Relays include:
  •   DEA71 includes two models with fixed trip setting: 30 mA and 300 mA
  •   DEB71 includes two models with adjustable trip levels: 30 mA to 5 A and 300 mA to 30 A
2 SPDT relay outputs, for warning and for alarm 24 VAC to 240 VAC power supply
NORM DIN-rail housing 35 mm
Lockable lid on adjustable models (DEB71)
The DEA71 and DEB71 Monitors and CTG Series Core Balance Current Transformers are available from 


Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Sure-Foot Prevents Slip and Falls

Anderson-Bolds and Sure-Foot Slip and Fall Prevention

SURE-FOOT Mats and Stair Treads and Tape

How Anti Slip Tape Keeps Workers Safe in the Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and gas is one of the fastest growing labor sectors, and with growth comes more liability.
2017 report showed the oil and gas industry has one of the highest rates of severe injury. With the sector’s constant growth, these injuries will continue to plague workers and cause slowed production, excess time off, long-term disability or even death.
You cannot eliminate the uncertainty surrounding labor-intensive jobs like those in the oil and gas industry but knowing about environmental hazards can help mitigate some of the dangers that lead to critical error and injury.
Sure-Foot Stair Treads

Sure-Foot Anti-Slip Tape
Slips, Trips, and Falls
Like so many other industries, prominent workplace hazard in the oil and gas industry lead to a slip, trip, or fall.
According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA), most general industry accidents happen due to slips, trips, and falls. They also cause 15% of accidental workplace fatalities, second only to motor vehicles.
Slips, trips, and falls don’t just impact the worker, but they constitute a considerable amount of workers’ compensation and medical bills, over $70 billion yearly in the U.S., according to the National Safety Council.
Environments vary, but whether a workplace is involved in discovering, producing, obtaining, refining or distributing oil or gas, the ground can become slick from various liquids.
The combination of oil and water on steel surfaces can be a recipe for disaster for workers hustling through high traffic areas.
While metal products in these types of environments are often covered in slip resistant coatings, these coatings can quickly wear away in a short time when exposed to the harsh conditions of the oil and gas industry like offshore fracking sites.
Another issue that must be considered in these environments is exposure to diverse elements that can cause metal platforms to both rust and corrode. Things like salt water will only further the chance of equipment breakdowns and workplace injury.
Companies should invest in a well-planned strategy for workplace safety to combat these continuously dangerous situations.
Products like Sure-Foot’s anti-slip tapes are an excellent addition to surfaces that see heavy traffic or areas that are prone to accumulating moisture. For environments with extreme heat, cold, ocean exposure, increased foot traffic or other more strenuous factors, Master Stop EXTREME Tapes offers added adhesion and anti-slip safety.
Sure-Foot is also known for its fiberglass products, including step covers and walkway applications as well as product customization. Sure-Foot creates products that fit specifications for each customer, helping to increase and promote safety.

Vehicle Accidents

Accidents and incidents involving work vehicles continue to be a significant portion of workplace injury in the oil and gas industry.
For example, a vehicle could be driven to pipelines or pumping stations. Others could transport oil and gas. In addition, workers could be struck by work vehicles or machinery.
Many of these incidents can be attributed to carelessness due to employee fatigue. Long shifts, physically challenging work, and overexertion can lead to reduced awareness of workers.
Having safety signs, protective barriers and the proper warning labels on machinery can help to minimize these incidents. Adequate training for employees working with this equipment will make them more aware of the dangers they encounter in the workplace.
Injuries in the oil and gas industry will never be entirely preventable. But they can be limited with the proper safety planning, procedures, and safety products. Buy Sure-Foot to be sure!


Thursday, July 26, 2018

Littelfuse Off Delay Adjustable Timer TDBL12D

Anderson-Bolds has in stock the Littelfuse Adjustable TDR working on 12vdc.  The TDBL12D can be shipped within 24 hours of an order.

LittelFuse SSAC TDR TDBL12D, with a .1-102.3 Second Adjustable Range. 10 amp rating and 12 volts DC (Octal Socket required). The Timer is an Delay-On-Break (Off Delay) time delay relay. The Time Delay Relay is now made by Little Fuse. UL, CSA and CE. Previous manufacturers were SSAC, Entrelac, ABB and Sycom. Littelfuse part number is TDBL12D

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Parker's NEW G7 Solenoid Valves

New G7 valves from Parker and Anderson-Bolds

Parker's new generation of G7 solenoid valves delivers the confidence to get the toughest jobs done right. And thanks to advanced Parker technologies, success has never been easier. Ensuring high performance and an optimized total cost of ownership, Parker continues to focus on Engineering Your Success.

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Commercial Equipment 
Food & Beverage 
Industrial Automation 
Oil & Gas 
Process Control 

• Port Sizes: 1/8" - 3/8" NPT • Pressures: Up to 2200 psi • Flows: Up to 1.06 Cv 


Industry-Leading Performance 

High Pressures 
High Flows 
High Temperatures 
Corrosion Resistant 
Environmentally Resistant 

Premium Construction 
• 303 Stainless Steel • Lead-Free Brass* • IP67, Thermal Shock-Resistant Solenoid Coil • Engineered for Long Life • Proven Gold Ringand Skinner® Fundamentals 

Ease of Doing Business 
• 24-Hour Express Ship Program • Innovative Parker Tracking System (PTS) • Easy-Install Conduit Solenoid Coil • Simplified Installation and Service • Durable Laser-Marked Identification • Domestic Manufacturing and Support 

2-Way Normally Closed, Direct Acting - Stainless Steel  AC voltage
2-Way Normally Closed, Direct Acting - Stainless Steel  DC Voltage
2-Way Normally Closed, Direct Acting - Brass AC Voltage
2-Way Normally Closed, Direct Acting - Brass DC Voltage
2-Way Normally Open PIBOS*, Direct Acting - Stainless Steel 
* PIBOS (Pressure In Body, Out Sleeve): An economical approach to 2-Way Normally Open valves. 
   Pressure enters body, exits through sleeve on top of valve. 

PARKER G7 available COILS are :
C7F 120/60 with 1/2 NPT conduit, IP67, Nema 6
C7G 240/60 with 1/2 NPT conduit, IP67, Nema 6
C7E  24/60 with 1/2 NPT conduit, IP67, Nema 6

D7F 120/60  DIN Style, IP65, Nema 4X
D7G 240/60 DIN Style, IP65, Nema 4X
D7E  24/60  DIN Style, IP65, Nema 4X

B7F 120/60 with simple 18 inch leads, IP67, Nema 6
B7G 240/60 with simple 18 inch leads, IP67, Nema 6
B7E  24/60 with simple 18 inch leads, IP67, Nema 6

C7A  12VDC with 1/2 NPT conduit, IP67, Nema 6
C7B  24VDC with 1/2 NPT conduit, IP67, Nema 6

D7A  12VDC DIN Style, IP65, Nema 4X
D7B  24VDC DIN Style, IP65, Nema 4X

B7A  12VDC with simple 18 inch leads, IP67, Nema 6
B7B  24VDC with simple 18 inch leads, IP67, Nema 6

                         AC VOLTS    DC VOLTS
20CC02GV7   750 PSI          500 PSI
20CC02PV7    375 PSI          145 PSI
20CC02QV7    230 PSI          85 PSI
20CC04GP7    750 PSI          500 PSI
20CC04LV7     550 PSI          260 PSI
20CC04PV7    375  PSI          145 PSI
20CC04QV7    230 PSI            85 PSI
20CC04TV7     110 PSI            40 PSI
20CC041V7     40 PSI              20 PSI

20LC02PN7     375 PSI          145 PSI 
20LC02QN7     230 PSI          85 PSI 
20LC04GN7     750 PSI          500 PSI 
20LC04PN7      375 PSI          145 PSI  
20LC04QN7      230 PSI          85 PSI
20LC04TN7      110 PSI            40 PSI 
 20LC041V7       40 PSI              20 PSI

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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

SSAC/Littelfuse Voltage Monitor HLMUDLAAA

Voltage Monitor Protection Relay HLMUDLAAA from Anderson-Bolds
Made by Littelfuse

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LittelFuse SSAC Voltage Monitor HLMUDLAAA is a universal voltage monitor. 10 amp output relay rating. The HLM Voltage Monitor senses over or under voltage AND phase unbalance and frequency fluctuations and trips if any go oout of range. The Voltage Monitors are currently made by Little Fuse. UL, CSA and CE. Previous manufacturers were SSAC, Entrelac, ABB and Sycom.


The HLMU Series is a universal voltage, encapsulated, 3-phase voltage monitor. It continuously measures the voltage of each of the three phases with microcontroller accuracy and compares the value to preset trip points. It separately senses phase reversal and loss; over, under and unbalanced voltages; and
over or under frequency. Protection is assured during periods of large average voltage fluctuations, or when regenerated voltages are present. The unit trips within 200ms when phase loss is detected. Adjustable time delays are included to prevent nuisance tripping and short cycling of sensitive equipment. The isolated, 10A, DPDT relay contacts trip when a phase voltage exceeds the trip limits for the trip delay. Nominal line voltage, voltage unbalance, and time delays are knob adjustable. The phase loss setpoint and the acceptable frequency range are fixed. Both delta and wye systems can be monitored; no connection to neutral is required.

Voltage Monitor HLMUDLAAA

Constant monitoring to protect against phase loss, phase reversal; over, under, and unbalanced voltage; over and under frequency
Flexibility to work in 200 to 480VAC applications
Installation flexibility
Provides diagnostics of relay, fault and time delay status
Protects against shock, vibration, and humidity Meets IEC 61000 safety requirements

Upon application of line voltage, the output is de-energized
and the restart delay begins. If all the three-phase voltages are within the acceptable range, the output energizes at the end
of the restart delay. The microcontroller circuitry automatically senses the voltage range, and selects the correct operating frequency (50 or 60Hz). The over and under voltage trip points are set at ± 10% of the adjusted line voltage. When the measured value of any phase voltage exceeds the acceptable range limits (lower or upper) the trip delay begins. At the end of the trip delay the output relay de-energizes. If the phase voltage returns to an acceptable value before the trip delay expires, the trip delay is reset and the output remains energized. Under, over, and unbalanced voltages plus over or under frequency must be sensed for the complete trip delay before the unit trips. The unit trips in 200ms when phase loss or reversal are sensed. The unit will not energize if a fault is sensed as the line voltage is applied. 

Reset: Reset is automatic upon correction of the voltage or frequency fault or phase sequence.

Restart Delay Options
L = Lockout or minimum OFF time. The restart delay begins when the output trips. The unit cannot be re-energized until the restart delay is complete. This provides a minimum off time
or lockout time to allow equipment sensitive to short cycling, time to reset. If the fault is corrected after the restart delay is complete, the output energizes immediately. The restart delay also occurs when line voltage is applied/reapplied.
R = Restart Delay on fault correction. The restart delay begins when line voltage is reapplied or when a voltage fault is corrected. This option is normally selected when staggered restarting of multiple motors on a power system is required.
N = No Restart Delay. 0.6 second initialization delay on application of line voltage applies.
Restart Notes: All restart options remain reset when the following conditions are detected:
1. Phase loss (phase unbalance greater than 25%) 2. Average line voltage less than 120VAC
3. Phase reversal

The restart delay begins when the condition is corrected.

LED Operation
The LED flashes green during the restart delay, then glows green when the output energizes. It flashes red during the trip delay then glows red when the output de-energizes. It flashes red/green if phase reversal is sensed. If a fault is sensed during the restart delay, the LED will glow red during that portion or the full restart delay. 


3-phase delta or wye with no connection to neutral

240 380 480
Voltage Adj. Range
200-240VAC 340-420VAC 400-480VAC
50 or 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz

Line Voltage Max.
AC Line Frequency
50/60 Hz automatically detected
Phase Loss
≥ 25% unbalance
Response Time

Overvoltage Trip Voltage 
109 - 113% of the adjusted line voltage
 Reset Voltage
-3% of the trip voltage

Undervoltage Trip Voltage
88 - 92% of the adjusted line voltage
Reset Voltage
+3% of the trip voltage 

Voltage Unbalance Trip Setpoint
Adjustable 2 - 10% or specify fixed unbalance of 2 - 10% in 1% increments
Reset on Balance
-0.7% unbalance
Trip Delay Active On
Over/under voltage, voltage unbalance, over/under frequency

Adjustable from 1 - 30s or specify fixed delay 1 - 30s in 1s increments
Restart Delay Range
Adjustable from 0.6 - 300s; if no restart delay is selected a 0.6s initialization delay applies 


Over/Under Frequency
±4%; Reset ±3%; 50/60 Hz
Phase Sequence
A, B, C, L1, L2, L3
Response Time-Phase
Reversal & Phase Loss
≤200 ms


Isolated Electromechanical Relay


10A resistive @ 240VAC;
8A resistive @ 277VAC; NO-1/4 hp @ 120VAC; 1/3 hp @ 240VAC

Phase Reversal/Failure

ASME A17.1 Rule 210.6
Motors and Generators
NEMA MG1 14:30, 14:35
IEEE C62.41-1991 Level B
Isolation Voltage
≥ 2500V RMS input to output

H 76.7 mm (3.0”); W 50.8 mm (2.0”);
D 41.7 mm (1.64”)

Screw terminal connection up to 12 AWG (3.3 mm2) wire
 -40° to 60°C / -40° to 85°C