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SSAC/Littelfuse Voltage Monitor HLMUDLAAA

Voltage Monitor Protection Relay HLMUDLAAA from Anderson-Bolds
Made by Littelfuse

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LittelFuse SSAC Voltage Monitor HLMUDLAAA is a universal voltage monitor. 10 amp output relay rating. The HLM Voltage Monitor senses over or under voltage AND phase unbalance and frequency fluctuations and trips if any go oout of range. The Voltage Monitors are currently made by Little Fuse. UL, CSA and CE. Previous manufacturers were SSAC, Entrelac, ABB and Sycom.


The HLMU Series is a universal voltage, encapsulated, 3-phase voltage monitor. It continuously measures the voltage of each of the three phases with microcontroller accuracy and compares the value to preset trip points. It separately senses phase reversal and loss; over, under and unbalanced voltages; and
over or under frequency. Protection is assured during periods of large average voltage fluctuations, or when regenerated voltages are present. The unit trips within 200ms when phase loss is detected. Adjustable time delays are included to prevent nuisance tripping and short cycling of sensitive equipment. The isolated, 10A, DPDT relay contacts trip when a phase voltage exceeds the trip limits for the trip delay. Nominal line voltage, voltage unbalance, and time delays are knob adjustable. The phase loss setpoint and the acceptable frequency range are fixed. Both delta and wye systems can be monitored; no connection to neutral is required.

Voltage Monitor HLMUDLAAA

Constant monitoring to protect against phase loss, phase reversal; over, under, and unbalanced voltage; over and under frequency
Flexibility to work in 200 to 480VAC applications
Installation flexibility
Provides diagnostics of relay, fault and time delay status
Protects against shock, vibration, and humidity Meets IEC 61000 safety requirements

Upon application of line voltage, the output is de-energized
and the restart delay begins. If all the three-phase voltages are within the acceptable range, the output energizes at the end
of the restart delay. The microcontroller circuitry automatically senses the voltage range, and selects the correct operating frequency (50 or 60Hz). The over and under voltage trip points are set at ± 10% of the adjusted line voltage. When the measured value of any phase voltage exceeds the acceptable range limits (lower or upper) the trip delay begins. At the end of the trip delay the output relay de-energizes. If the phase voltage returns to an acceptable value before the trip delay expires, the trip delay is reset and the output remains energized. Under, over, and unbalanced voltages plus over or under frequency must be sensed for the complete trip delay before the unit trips. The unit trips in 200ms when phase loss or reversal are sensed. The unit will not energize if a fault is sensed as the line voltage is applied. 

Reset: Reset is automatic upon correction of the voltage or frequency fault or phase sequence.

Restart Delay Options
L = Lockout or minimum OFF time. The restart delay begins when the output trips. The unit cannot be re-energized until the restart delay is complete. This provides a minimum off time
or lockout time to allow equipment sensitive to short cycling, time to reset. If the fault is corrected after the restart delay is complete, the output energizes immediately. The restart delay also occurs when line voltage is applied/reapplied.
R = Restart Delay on fault correction. The restart delay begins when line voltage is reapplied or when a voltage fault is corrected. This option is normally selected when staggered restarting of multiple motors on a power system is required.
N = No Restart Delay. 0.6 second initialization delay on application of line voltage applies.
Restart Notes: All restart options remain reset when the following conditions are detected:
1. Phase loss (phase unbalance greater than 25%) 2. Average line voltage less than 120VAC
3. Phase reversal

The restart delay begins when the condition is corrected.

LED Operation
The LED flashes green during the restart delay, then glows green when the output energizes. It flashes red during the trip delay then glows red when the output de-energizes. It flashes red/green if phase reversal is sensed. If a fault is sensed during the restart delay, the LED will glow red during that portion or the full restart delay. 


3-phase delta or wye with no connection to neutral

240 380 480
Voltage Adj. Range
200-240VAC 340-420VAC 400-480VAC
50 or 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz

Line Voltage Max.
AC Line Frequency
50/60 Hz automatically detected
Phase Loss
≥ 25% unbalance
Response Time

Overvoltage Trip Voltage 
109 - 113% of the adjusted line voltage
 Reset Voltage
-3% of the trip voltage

Undervoltage Trip Voltage
88 - 92% of the adjusted line voltage
Reset Voltage
+3% of the trip voltage 

Voltage Unbalance Trip Setpoint
Adjustable 2 - 10% or specify fixed unbalance of 2 - 10% in 1% increments
Reset on Balance
-0.7% unbalance
Trip Delay Active On
Over/under voltage, voltage unbalance, over/under frequency

Adjustable from 1 - 30s or specify fixed delay 1 - 30s in 1s increments
Restart Delay Range
Adjustable from 0.6 - 300s; if no restart delay is selected a 0.6s initialization delay applies 


Over/Under Frequency
±4%; Reset ±3%; 50/60 Hz
Phase Sequence
A, B, C, L1, L2, L3
Response Time-Phase
Reversal & Phase Loss
≤200 ms


Isolated Electromechanical Relay


10A resistive @ 240VAC;
8A resistive @ 277VAC; NO-1/4 hp @ 120VAC; 1/3 hp @ 240VAC

Phase Reversal/Failure

ASME A17.1 Rule 210.6
Motors and Generators
NEMA MG1 14:30, 14:35
IEEE C62.41-1991 Level B
Isolation Voltage
≥ 2500V RMS input to output

H 76.7 mm (3.0”); W 50.8 mm (2.0”);
D 41.7 mm (1.64”)

Screw terminal connection up to 12 AWG (3.3 mm2) wire
 -40° to 60°C / -40° to 85°C


Saturday, June 16, 2018

Sure-Foot Stair Treads - Bold Step

Stair Treads and Grit Tape from Sure-Foot and Anderson-Bolds

Buy Sure-Foot Treads on Anderson-Bolds HERE.

Bold Step is an eye catching resilient anti-slip stair Tread for areas where slipping can be dangerous. Either used on new construction or renovation projects, Sure-Foot delivers maximum safety and durability while providing a loo to compliment toddy's building designs.  Bold Step is strong enough for industrial applications but attractive enough for residences.

Sure-Foot 3 inch covers
Bold Step Stair Treads

Industry Leading Technology
Exceeds OSHA and ADA Requirements
Corrosive Resistant Extruded Aluminum
Abrasive Closed Cell Epoxy Filler
Easy to Install and Maitain

Bold Step Coating system resists chips, dirt, scratches, stains, and oils unlike open cell porous products.  Periodic washing is all it takes to keep the steps looking new.

Sure-Foot is MADE in the USA.

Sure-Foot Helps recent Slip and Falls.

Sure-Foot Tread, Yellow/Black, 9 inch depth and 36 inch length, Aluminum
Part Number 409NS20036102

Sure-Foot Tread, Yellow/Black, 9 inch depth and 48 inch length, Aluminum
Part Number 409NS20048102

Sure-Foot Tread, Yellow/Black, 11 inch depth and 36 inch length, Aluminum
Part Number 411NS20036102

Sure-Foot Tread, Yellow/Black, 11 inch depth and 48 inch length, Aluminum
Part Number 411NS20048102

Sure-Step Industries
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Thursday, May 31, 2018

SSAC Flasher FS152

Littelfuse FS152 Flasher from ANDERSON-BOLDS

The Littelfuse Flasher 152 runs on 120 volts and has 90 Flashes per Minute (FPM) rate.

The FS100 Series (medium power) may be used to control inductive, incandescent, or resistive loads. Input voltages of 24, 120, or 230VAC are available. Fixed flash rates in stock range from 30, 50, 60, and 90 FPM, with custom flash rates ranging from 10 to 300 FPM. Encapsulation provides protection against shock, vibration, and humidity. This group of solid-state flashers has proven reliability with years of use throughout the world.
Upon application of input voltage, the T2 OFF time begins. At the end of the OFF time, the T1 ON time begins and the load energizes. At the end of T1, T2 begins and the load de-energizes. This cycle repeats until input voltage is removed. 

SSAC/Littel Fuse FS 152 Flasher


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Jefferson Solenoid Valves

Anderson-Bolds is your 
Jefferson Valve source

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Jefferson Valves General Purpose Solenoid Valves

Jefferson Valves are now lead free for potable drinking water applications.

Sizes range from 1/8 inch to 3 inch in 2-way, 3-way and 4-way valves.


Monday, February 26, 2018

ATC 407C Multi Range Timer (TDR)

Anderson-Bolds Stocks the ATC 407C Time Delay Relay.

ATC is Automatic Timing and Controls (Marshbellowfram)

Model 407C 1/16 DIN Multimode Timer w/Octal Pins

On Delay, Off Delay and Interval Timing Modes.

ATC 407C500 Timer/Time Delay Relay

  • 1/6 DIN multimode timer
  • Selectable On-Delay/Off-Delay/Interval Timing Modes
  • Separate Start Input
  • Output Contacts rated 10A at 120/240 VAC and 30 VDC
  • Six Timing Ranges in a single unit:
    1 and 10 sec., min., and hours
    5 and 50 sec., min., and hours
  • Universal Power Supply; 24-240 VAC and 24 VDC
  • 48mm2 DIN Standard housing
  • Large and easy to read dial shows decimal points
  • Round (octal) socket mount or mount in panel cutout
  • Watertight when panel mounted
  • Range and Mode select are tamper proof when panel mounted
  • Unique flashing cycle progress indication
CE listing and UL recognized

ATC 407C100F3X 1/16 DIN ANALOG SET TDR, Multi-Mode TDR
1 and 10 seconds, 1 and 10 minutes, 1 and 10 and hours  =  6 ranges

ATC 407C500F3X 1/16 DIN ANALOG SET TDR, Multi-Mode
5 and 50 seconds, 5 and 50 minutes, 5 and 50 and hours  =  6 ranges

Buy Octal (8 pin) socket for 407C timer HERE


Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Fenwal Brass Thermoswitches

Fenwal ThermoSwitches at Anderson-Bolds

Fenwal has been controlling temperature since the 1930 s with their unique and extremely accurate Thermoswitch temperature controller. The Thermoswitch can sense and switch at .1 degree F.  The Thermoswitch is a bi metal switch with the outer shell expanding and contracting which causes the contacts to make and break. The switch probes are made of brass or stainless steel.  The Brass switches have a range of -100F to 400F while the Stainless switches have a range of -100F to 600F.

As of January 1, 2018 the brass switches have been discontinued and leave the Stainless steel switches as the only choices. The accuracy of the stainless steel is the same as the brass. 

Here are the brass switches and their stainless counterparts.

Brass ...... Stainless Steel
17000-0 -- 17002-0
17021-0 -- 17023-0
17100-0 -- 17102-0
17121-0 -- 17123-0
17200-0 -- 17202-0
17221-0 -- 17223-0
17300-0 -- 17302-0
17321-0 -- 17323-0
18000-0 -- 18002-0
18021-0 -- 18023-0
17000-0 -- 17802-0
17821-0 -- 17823-0

Note: Switches that have the 21 or 23 in them (odd numbers) are switches that CLOSE on temperature rise.
The switches with 00 or 02 (even numbers) OPEN on temperature rise.

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Amerimation Tower Lights Model PWE

PWE Series by Amerimation and Anderson-BoldsWall Mounted LED Tower Lights with Buzzer and flash capabilities

Key Features

  • Slim Profile Wall Mount
  • Easy Mounted vertically and horizontally
  • Equivalent brightness in every angle
  • Steady and flashing lights
  • Vibration and moisture resistant
  • Chrome or tan colored body

Flash rateApprox. 80 ± 10 flashes/min.
Buzzer sound level85 ± 5dB at 1m
Vibration3mm at 10~55Hz
Certificate/ComplianceUL, CE, RoHS
Ambient Temperature-15 ~ 40 ̊C
Storage Temperature-20 ~ 70 ̊C
Lens MaterialPC Plastic
Ambient humidity45 ~ 85% RH
Degree of ProtectionIP65 (IP56 with buzzer)
Recommended wire sizeUL1007/22AWG
Power Supply12VAC/DC24VAC/DC90 ~240VAC

① Housing color
② Light style
FSteady & Flashing
BSteady with buzzer
ZSteady, flashing with buzzer
③ Number of stack
11 Light
22 Lights
33 Lights
④ Power supply
⑤ Lens colors
B*Blue: 12V & 24V only