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Delta BREEZ Fans FAQs

Delta Breez and Anderson-Bolds - Frequently Asked Questions about Delta

What makes Delta Breez Ventilation Fans different?

All Delta Breez Ventilation Fans are manufactured with DC Brushless motor technology
All Delta Breez Ventilation Fans are ENERGY STAR® qualified
All Delta Breez Ventilation Fans have soft start and lock protection functions
All Delta Breez Ventilation Fans are precision engineered to run continuously for 70,000 hours
All Delta Breez Ventilation Fans come with a 3-Year limited warranty

 Why is a DC brushless motor better than an AC motor?  Does it require any special installation or wiring?

Delta’s DC brushless motors are much quieter and have longer lasting bearings thanks to its soft start function; no mechanical brushing means longer motor life.  DC brushless motor exhaust fans use 74% less power than other leading AC motor exhaust fans which allows the Breez fans to achieve extremely low noise levels, low electrical and RF noise and pleasing low energy costs.  They are smaller, have lighter weight, use less material with is smartly eco-friendly.  Linear torque speed characteristics allow easy control.  Electronic circuit control allows easy adjustable motor output.  The Delta Breez fans have been tested to run continuously for 70,000 hours.
No special wiring is needed; there is a transformer built into the fan that automatically switches the power supply from AC to DC.
Delta’s DC Breez ventilation fans are installed just like any AC motor fans.  

 What are the benefits of a DC brushless motor?

Delta’s DC brushless motor fans are engineered to outlast popular AC models by as much as 70 percent, reducing the need for replacement.

Less noise
Delia’s DC brushless motor fans are precision engineered for low sound, down to less than 0.3 sones, the lowest sound rating of any exhaust fan.

Less power consumption
Delta’s DC brushless motor fans use 74% less power than popular AC motor exhaust fans.

Delta DC brushless motor fans are among the most efficient ventilation fans available, exceeding ENERGY 
STAR requirements for efficiency by as much as 800%.

 What is Soft Start Function?

When the fan is powered on the motor will softly and quickly control the speed from low to full speed in 10 seconds unlike an AC Motor which jumpstarts the fan. This process very quiet and reduces the wear on motor bearing and prolongs the motor bearing’s life.

What is Lock Protection Function?

With this unique function all Delta Breez Ventilation fans will automatically power off when the impeller is locked abnormally. For example: buildup of dirt and dust accumulates on the fan. This function allows the fan to repeatedly turn itself on and off every 12 seconds to test itself and will turn itself completely back on after the impendence is removed. This will avoid an over-heated motor as well as prevent from potential fire risk. 

What are CFM and Sones?

CFM and Sones are how bath fans are generally compared.
CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) is speed of ‘air flow’ – the amount of air extracted per minute when the fan is running.  The amount of CFM needed is generally related to the size of the area ventilated.  Please see the sizing guidelines below.
Sone level is how loud the fan is to the human ear.  Doubling the sone value means doubling the noise.  The average 80 CFM bath fan runs at 0.8~2.5 sones.  Delta Breez 80 CFM fans run as low as <0 .3="" 0.3="" 1.0="" a="" about="" any="" as="" available="" computer="" exhaust="" fan="" in="" is="" less="" loud="" lowest="" market.="" nbsp="" new="" noise="" of="" or="" rating="" reference="" refrigerator.="" silent.="" sone="" sones.="" sones="" span="" t="" than="" the="" this="" virtually="">

How do I determine which bath fan I need – features and size?

Bathroom Ventilation 
The following are Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) guidelines for ventilating both large and smaller bathrooms using intermittent or continuous ventila¬tion.
Small rooms:
For bathrooms up to 100 square feet in area, HVI recommends that an exhaust fan provide 1 CFM per square foot (approximately eight air changes per hour) to properly ventilate the bathroom.
Bathroom is 8’x5’ (with 8’ ceilings). 
Multiply 8 x 5 = 40 ft. 
Bathroom area is 40 ft. 
At 1 CFM per square foot the minimum recommendation is a fan rated at 40 CFM. 
Larger rooms:
For bathrooms above 100 square feet in area, HVI recommends a ventilation rate based on the number and type of fixtures present, according to the following table: 
Toilet            50 CFM
Shower         50 CFM
Bath Tub       50 CFM
Jetted Tub   100 CFM
Note: Enclosed toilet rooms must have an operable window or a fan for ventilation.
The bathroom is 20’x12’. There is a tub (without jets), a shower enclosure and an enclosed toilet. 
Each fixture requires 50 CFM: 
Tub              50 CFM
Shower        50 CFM
Toilet           50 CFM 
Total          150 CFM

How does the Humidity Sensor function operate?  

Delta’s Humidity Sensing exhaust fans have two modes: Humidity Sensing Mode and Always On Mode.  Flipping the wall switch off and on toggles the fan between modes.  An integrated LED light indicator underneath the fan grille shows the user which mode the fan is in.  Blue light means the fan is in Humidity Sensing Mode.  Amber light means the fan is in Always On Mode.  
In Always On Mode, the fan runs continuously at full speed.  In Humidity Sensing Mode, the fan will only come on when the fan senses a humidity level of 60% RH (Relative Humidity) or above.  The fan speed automatically adjusts according to the humidity level.

For SIG110H, SMT130H Models  
Turn the power switch on once to operate in humidity control mode - the LED indicator will be blue. When the ambient humidity is higher than the user-adjustable set-point, the fan will run at full speed.  When the ambient humidity is lower than the set-point, the fan will continue to run at the full speed until a 10-minute time delay has elapsed, and then will automatically change to the user-adjustable low speed airflow.
Full speed mode: Turn the CFM control switch on to operate at full speed mode - the LED indicator will be amber.
Humidity tolerance is about ±10%. Long-time operation will influence the detecting precision as dust accumulates. The humidity switch may need to be adjusted.
Factory setting: low speed airflow 60 CFM, humidity 60% RH
On very rare occasions (about 1% of the time), our fan may still run even though the homeowner feels or detects the house humidity level is lower than 60% RH. The possible reasons are:
1. Our sensor tolerance is +/-5% RH
2. Outdoor humidity back draft to the fan
3. Indoor temperature level 
Manufacturer recommended actions:
1. Let the fan run since it is good to keep venting the house and the electric bill is minimal (approximately less 
than $10 per year)
2. Turn the fan off when not in use

Why would the humidity sensing fan keep running when my home’s humidity is less that 60% RH?

The Delta Breez humidity sensing fans work normally in summer months, even with the air conditioner turned on, when temperatures reach 76.9 ° F to 103.9 ° F.  Due to the characteristics of the humidity sensor, in cooler weather conditions (winter months) when the temperatures are between 35 ° F – 60 ° F, it will become more sensitive. Because of this, some customers may experience the fan continuously running even when humidity level is lower than 60% RH, again, this usually only happens during the winter time.
Delta is always willing to exchange or credit humidity sensing fans that customers are not happy with.

Can the Breez fan motor be replaced?

All Delta Breez fans feature a precision-engineered DC brushless motor for extended reliability, thus replacing the fan motor is a rare occurrence.  All Delta BreezSignature G2, BreezGreenBuilder, BreezSlim and BreezSmart series fans have a replaceable motor
All Delta BreezSlim and BreezGreenBuilder series exhaust fans have ‘project pack’ separate units for the housing, fan motor and grille, allowing the fan motor to be installed after the housing is installed – such as in new construction.  With Delta BreezSignature G2 and BreezSmart series the customer will have the capability to remove the motor from its housing for replacement or repair; this will allow the fan motor to be replaced or upgraded at any time while keeping the same housing. The precision engineering and DC brushless motor construction of Delta Breez fans makes having to replace the fan motor an unusual circumstance. 

Can I keep the housing of my old fan (non Delta fan) and just replace the fan motor with Breez?

No. For proper performance, it is recommended that Delta Breez fan motors be used only with Delta Breez fan housing.  

What type of light bulb(s) are used in the Fan / Light Combos? 
Does the packaging contain the bulb(s)?

The main light bulb in the VFB25ADL is a 26W CFL with GU24 base (pin style). The night-light in the VFB25ADL is a 4W incandescent light bulb with E12 screw base. Both lights are included in the box with the fan. Replacement light bulbs can also be purchased at most major home improvement retailers or through your local contractor or supplier.
The main light bulb in the entire BreezGreenBuilder fan and light unit is a 26W CFL with GU24 base (pin style). The light bulb is included in the box with the fan. Replacement light bulbs can also be purchased at most major home improvement retailers or through your local contractor or supplier.  The GBR80LED has an 11W (equivalent to 60W incandescent), 2700K LED module and is included in the package.  

Can I use a timer with the Delta Breez fan?

Timers may be used on certain Breez Ventilation System Fans
A timer can be used on the following models
VFB050B3A1, VFB070B3A1, SLM50, SLM70
                    VFB050C4A1, VFB080C4A1, VFB050C4L1, VFB080C4L1
                    GBR50, GBR80, GBR100, GBR50, GBR80L, GBR80LED, GBR100L
SMT130, SMT150

Timers cannot be used on the following models:
SMT130M, SMT130H, SMT150D

Does Delta sell switches or timers? 

No. Delta does not manufacture switches or timers but these components are readily available in most major home improvement retailers or through your local contractor or supplier.

Can the Delta Breez Fan/ Fan Light be installed with insulation around it?

Yes. All Delta Breez fans are UL approved. Here is UL’s testing protocol:
For Fan/lights, UL requires 8.5 inches of insulation on all sides (including top) of the product. Insulation shall be of the loose fill type and should have a thermal resistance per inch between 3.75-3.85 R (declared by the manufacturer) when conditioned to a density of 32.04 - 40.05 kg/m3. This scenario is equivalent to an approximate R value of R32.  R40 is the max for Canadian installations.
For a fan only, there is NO insulation limitation for fan without lighting except in Canada where the max value is R40.

What are the built-in control smart functions? And how do they work?

The Delta BreezSignature G2 and BreezSmart smart functions are:
• Humidity Sensing
• Motion Sensing
• Delay Timer
• Adjustable Humidity % RH
• Continuous Running
• Adjustable low speed
Motion Sensing
Green and amber LED indicator lights will show continuous low speed and full speed modes.  The fan will run continuously at a user-preset lower level of CFM. When motion is detected, fan will automatically change to full speed. When user leaves the room, the fan will remain running at full speed until user-preset delay time has passed; delay timer has adjustable preset positions of 0, 0.5, 5, 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes. Fan will automatically drop down to low speed after the pre-set time has elapsed.
Humidity Sensing
Blue and amber LED indicator lights to show humidity control and full speed modes.  The fan will operate in full speed mode or humidity control mode by manual on and off switch.  The adjustable humidity set points are between 50% to 90%. When in humidity control mode, and the humidity is above the user-adjustable set-point, fan will run at full speed.  When the humidity is below the set-point, the fan runs continuously at a user-preset lower level of CFM.

Is it ok to exhaust into the attic?

No.  The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) recommends exhausting only to the exterior of the home.

Can Delta fans be installed in a side wall?

Yes. All Delta BreezSlim models are cUL listed for both ceiling and wall-mount installation.  

Can Delta fans be installed in a slanted ceiling?

No. Installation of any Delta fans in a slanted ceiling is not recommended.

Can Delta fans be controlled by a voltage switch (RPM control)?


Can I install the Exhaust Fan / Light Combo in the shower or tub enclosure?

Yes.  All of the Delta Breez Ventilation Fans are UL listed for use over a bathtub or shower when installed in a GFCI protected branch circuit.

Are Delta Breez fans ENERGY STAR qualified?

Yes, all of Delta Breez fans are ENERGY STAR qualified.  In fact, most Delta Breez fan models are rated ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2013.

Are Delta Breez fans ASHRAE 62.2-2010 compliant?

Yes. All Delta Breez fans are 62.2-2010 compliant for intermittent running.  Most of the Delta Breez fan models are compliant for continuous running.  Please see, Learning Center for a complete listing.

Are Delta Breez fans UL listed and HVI certified?

Yes. All Delta Breez fans are cUL listed (U.S. and Canada) and are HVI certified.

Do Delta Breez fans meet Title 24 requirements?

Yes. All Delta Breez fans meet current Title 24 requirements.

What is the Delta Breez Ventilation Fan Warranty?

The Delta Breez Ventilation Fan Warranty is 3-Year limited warranty. 

How do I reach technical and customer service?

Customer Service:             (888) 979-9889