Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fire Shield Cords and strips prevent fires

Fire Shield products are ideal for home, office, and campus environments such as residence halls, labs, classrooms, libraries and other facilities. Fire Shield cords, with specially designed shielded conductors, are able to detect series faults and line-to-neutral faults, significantly reducing fire hazards. Available as power strips, surge protectors, appliance cords and extension cords.

Many universities are requiring Fire Shield products be the only strips used on campus.

Based on estimates by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission
(CPSC), there are 155,900 electrical fires attended annually by the fire service in
the US, resulting in nearly:

$1.68 billion in property damage
6,810 injuries
800 deaths

Each year across America, college and university students, faculty and staff experience a growing number of fire related emergencies. Annually, there are approximately 1,600 documented fires in college dormitories and Greek housing. In fact, according to the National Association of State FireMarshals (NASFM), fire fighters respond to fires in college dormitories four times a day and numerous fires go unreported. This number does not include the significant
amount of fires in other areas such as classrooms, labs and off-campus housing. CPSC statistics indicate that 50%of all electrical fires, attended and unattended by the fire service,were caused by faulty flexible power cords-extension cords, surge strips, and appliance cords.
Flexible cords fail in a variety ofways, including:
Pinched, Crimped or Frayed Cords
Overheated/Overloaded Cords
Application-related Damage (i.e. Room air conditioners, heaters,
tools, vacuums, etc.)
Frequent Movement of Appliance
Normal Aging and Wear

Extension Cords and Surge Strips are the Solution

TRC, the leader in ground fault sensing technology, developed Fire
Shield’s unique patented design to provide built-in fire protection in a power
cord set. This technology is available as an extension cord and a variety of
surge strips. It is also being utilized bymany portable roomair conditioner
The Fire Shield Surge Strips are the only surge strips in theworld that can
protect against all of the following:
Cord Fires Surges
Standard ground fault, surge and overload devices alone cannot prevent
cord fires. The patented, UL approved Fire Shield is the only cord set in theworld
that provides cord fire protection. Fire Shieldmonitors the leakage current, thus
sensing any damage to the cord and shuts off the power safely in 25/1000ths of
a second.
Using Fire Shield:
Protects electrical equipment from damaging power surges and spikes.
Shuts off the electricity before a fire can start if it detects damage to its power cord.

TRC is actively involved in the following university and safety associations:
The Center For Campus Fire Safety, National Association of College Stores (NACS), Association ofCollege and University Housing Officers - International (ACUHO-I), Association of Higher EducationFacility Officers (APPA), International Association of Campus Fire Safety Officials (IACFSO), NationalAssociation of State Fire Marshals (NASFM), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), NationalSafety Council (NSC) and Consumer Electronics Association.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

TRC Digital Voltage Monitor ~ New-2010

TRC Digital Voltage Monitor AECM 20020

This compact, easy to use instrument is made with advanced microelectronics and
provides accurate testing and monitoring of electrical outlets and systems. Constantly
monitors voltage and frequency indicating potential improper polarity and ground
wiring. Its small size and rugged construction allows for convenient installation in an
electrical outlet or use as a portable service tool.
Voltage is measured as RMS which is much more precise than AC average. RMS
metering is the only method that can accurately measure all AC power sources. The RMS
voltage and frequency readings are ideal for monitoring modified sine waves such as
solid-state generators, inverters and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) products.
The Digital Monitor display will alternate between line voltage in RMS volts and
line frequency in Hertz. The LCD display shows an “F” in front of the reading to denote
Three display modes are available:
Alternating Voltage & Frequency( VOLT/FREQ.)
Voltage only (VOLTAGE)
Frequency only (FREQUENCY)
Pressing the MODE button on the front of the Digital Monitor will cycle through the
display modes.
Both voltage and frequency are constantly monitored regardless of the
display mode.

Accurate Testing and Monitoring of All AC Power Source Types
RMS Voltage and Frequency Meter
Multi-tone Fault Alarm
Hands-free Auto Reset
Advanced Microelectronics
One Button Operation
Wiring Diagnostics
LCD Display with LED Backlight

Voltage Range 85 to 150 Vac RMS
Frequency Range 40 / 80 Hz
Operating Current 0.02 Amp
Under Voltage Alarm <102>135 Vac RMS
Under Frequency Alarm <55>65 Hz
Outlet Type 120V/15A single phase
Operating temperature +32°F to +125°F

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Shock protection for personnel

GFCI Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

TRC GFCI Product Features
Can provide protection for two, three or four wire circuits
Grounded neutral protection
Open neutral protection
Lighted and/or mechanical trip indicator
Radio frequency interference suppression to protect against nuisance tripping
Trip level 4-6mA
Provides protection in reversed polarity of input line and neutral
Complies with UL & CSA requirements
Available in 120V and 240V with load currents up to 30A

Electrical equipment protection

ELCI Equipment Leakage Current Interrupters

TRC ELCI Products Features
Can provide protection for two, three or four wire circuits
Mechanical trip indicator
Radio frequency interference suppression to protect against nuisance tripping
Trip levels 10mA, 15mA and 20mA
Does not open contacts with loss of primary power
Provides protection in reversed polarity of input line and neutral
Complies with UL & CSA requirements
Available in 120V and 240V with load circuits up to 50A
Special ratings are available