Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Anderson-Bolds Sells MDI Solid State Relays

MDI Solid State Relays from Anderson-Bolds

MDI stocks the Solid State  "Hockey Puck"  design. These offer Direct copper bonding (DCB) technology, LED indication, Built-in varistor 480V and ratings up to 480 VAC and 75 AMPS. Fits and interchanges wilt all brands with the Hockey Puck design.


HPR48D25, HPR48A25, HPR48D50, 
HPR48A50, HPR48D75, HPR48A75

This MDI product is intended to replace mechanical contactors especially when switching is frequent. The smallest product width in the range is 2.13" (54mm) (3xDIN) and goes up to 2.84" (72 mm). 2-pole and 3-pole switching options are available. Apart from resistive and slightly inductive loads, the SSR is certified for motor switching with associated motor ratings. Varistors are integrated for output overvoltage protection. A green LED gives indication of control voltage presence. Fan operation is controlled for the versions which have an integrated fan. Specifications are at a surrounding temperature of 25°C unless otherwise specified.

2PSS60A25, 2PSS60A40, 3PSS60A30

This new range of MDI solid state contactors presents an unique opportunity to maximize efficiency in panel space and is an evolution of solid state switches. The nominal current ratings are at 40°C. The smallest width is 17.5mm and is rated at 20 AAC. Power and control terminals allow for safe looping of cables.

Voltage transient protection is standard across the output with a varistor. Specifications are stated at 25°C unless otherwise noted.

SS20AU-1, SS30AU-1, SS40AU-1, SS60AU-1
SS90AU-1, SS20DU-1 , SS30DU-1, SS40DU-1
SS60DU-1, SS90DU-1 


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