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Marsh Bellofram Companies

Marsh BellowFram companies sold by Anderson-Bolds

Headquartered in Newell, West Virginia, the Bellofram Group of Companies is an AS9100C and ISO9001:2008 certified leading global manufacturer of high-performance OEM, industrial and process control instrumentation, including timers and counters, digital controllers and panel meters, RTD’s and thermocouples, pressure instruments and gauges, FRLs, cylinders, natural gas and propane pressure regulators, air pressure regulators and transducers, tank and liquid level measurement systems, pump and motor protection switches and alternating relays, as well as sensors, tachometers, rolling diaphragms, and specialty silicones.
Bellofram products are known for their high-accuracy, reliability and dependability within demanding applications, including food processing; plastics; packaging; water treatment; pumps and systems; motors and drives; marine; medical equipment; chemical processing; industrial plants; marine environments; oil, gas and petrochemical pipeline; medical; machinery manufacturing; natural gas and propane line monitoring, among others.
Products are organized and sold under fully dedicated divisions, each staffed with an experienced and highly trained team of fully dedicated technical sales, applications engineering and customer service support personnel. Bellofram divisions include Automatic Timing & Controls, ATC Diversified Electronics, BelGAS,  DigiTec, and King Engineering.

Automatic Timing and Controls
Process engineers and machine designers alike turn to the Automatic Timing & Controls division of Marsh Bellofram (ATC) for their industrial timing and control requirements. These highly rugged, high-reliability products are engineered to provide accurate and repeatable timing and monitoring operations in all types of industrial environments, including factory floor, food processing, plastics, packaging, water treatment and many OEM applications. The ATC product family has recently expanded to include 1/16 DIN timers, electromechanical timers, counters, solid state cube and plug-in 
timers, and time delay relays (TDR).

ATC Diversified Products

For more than 50 years, the ATC Diversified Electronics division of Marsh Bellofram (ATC Diversified) has offered some of the industry’s highest reliability AC current monitors, motor and pump protection, isolated switches and alternating relay products.
As a leader in solid state control products, the division was the industry pioneer in the first Phase Monitor Relay designed to protect 3-phase equipment from adverse conditions such
as Phase Loss (single phasing), Under Voltage (brown-outs), and Phase Reversal (improper sequence).  Continued investment in new product R&D and continuous quality improvements allows the ATC Diversified team to offer market-leading technologies,keeping pace with the needs of an evolving industrial marketplace.
BelGas Regulators

With more than 40 years of proven market experience, the BelGAS Division of Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies is a global leader in the design and manufacture of both high and low pressure, general purpose gas regulators, back pressure relief regulators, flow controllers, manifold systems, instrument air regulators, gauge thermometers, thermowells, needle valves and electronic products for oil, gas and petrochemical (pipeline); industrial plant air and gas regulation; and general industrial pressure and flow monitoring applications.
All BelGAS products are renowned for their high-quality, accuracy and dependability within critical applications.

The DigiTec division of Marsh Bellofram (DigiTec) offers the most complete, customized and versatile line of Digital Controllers in the industry. Reliability is the most important single factor in choosing a digital controller, and DigiTec’s reputation has been built on exactly that. Our products play an integral role in industrial applications including packaging, level flow, weighing, and pumping applications.
Tachometers on the WESTCON line are rugged built to convert rotary speed to a linear output voltage. Tachometers are used widely for aviation, marine, mining, oil and gas production plus other demanding applications.  For other tachometer related products not included here, please visit our Tachometer product section, which details the offerings of Bellofram Group Company ServoTek Products Company, Inc.

Liquid Level Tank Gauging and Compressed Air Filtration

King Engineering designs and manufactures application specific solutions via our KING-GAGE® liquid level measurement and inventory tank gauging systems. Our company furnishes components for new installations, upgrades, and retrofit applications on storage or processing vessels, including electronic pressure transmitters and sanitary level sensors to meet 3-A standards for clean-in-place applications. We provide graphic tank level indicators, digital processors, and operator interfaces in both single and multiple tank configurations supporting industrial protocols for PLC and/or LAN interfaces to simplify process control integration.

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