Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Watlow Temperature Controls ~ EZ-Zone

Watlow is standardizing on their EZ Zone controllers, the newest and very highly capable temperature / process controllers on the market. All the controllers share the same base chip/board so can talk to each other and are programmed in very similar fashion.

Watlow's temperature and process controllers offer easy-to-use, accurate and reliable solutions for applications requiring single and multiple loops of control.

Temperature and process controllers include one or more sensor inputs with open-loop break detection and multiple outputs for control and alarms. Various configurations offer auxiliary analog inputs, automatic tuning, TRU-TUNE®+ adaptive control, and ramp and soak profiling. Output options include analog process, switched DC and mechanical, solid state and no-arc hybrid relays. Other features include countdown timer, user-customizable menu, burst fire output control, failed heater/load detection and NEMA 4X (IP65, IP66).

EZ-ZONE controllers offer additional features and options including application blocks with timers and counters, on-board data logging, SENSOR GUARD backup to protect loads should a sensor fail, AUTO CLONE™ automatic configuration backup and restore, standard bus communications, wide ambient-temperature operating range, Class I, div 2 rating, SD card expandable memory, USB connectivity and free configuration software.

The EZ-ZONE® PM panel mount controller from Watlow®
offers control options to reduce system complexity and the
cost of thermal loop ownership. You can order the EZ-ZONE
PM as a PID controller, an over/under limit controller or these
functions can be combined into an integrated controller. You
also have the option to integrate a high amperage power
controller output with a high-performance PID controller and
an over/under limit controller in one space-saving, panel
mount package. A number of communication options are
available to support your connectivity needs.
Because the EZ-ZONE PM controller is highly scalable, you
only pay for what you need. This controller is available in 1⁄32,
1⁄16, 1⁄8 and 1⁄4 DIN panel mount packages. If you are looking for
a PID controller, an over/under limit controller or an
integrated controller, the EZ-ZONE PM will make your
life easier.

The Watlow EZ-Zone PM express panel mount controller is an industry leading PID controller tht allows for optimal performance utilizing simple contol and menu functionalitywithout complex features. The EZ-Zone PM express is ideally suited for basic applications and usage levels.

The Watlow EZ-Zone PM express is the next generation of controllers leveraging the strong legacy of Watlow's Series 93, series 935 and series SD controllers where easy to use features are needed for basic applications. It includes one universal input and the option for up to two outputs and is available in 1/32 or 1/16 DIN panel mount packages.

The EZ-ZONE® RM controller family offers products that
simplify thermal system management. The EZ-ZONE RM
family is comprised of six module types: an integrated on
or off PID control, monitoring and over/under temperature
limit module, a high-density on or off PID control module,
a high-density limit only module, an input/output (I/O)
expansion module, a high-density monitor/scanner module
and a data logging and field communications access
module. A system is configured by connecting any
combination of module types to address specific application
needs. The EZ-ZONE RM is extremely flexible and scalable
allowing you to mix and match I/O to configure 1 to 152
control loops and up to 256 monitor points.

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