Monday, February 20, 2012

Watlow Control Panels

St. Louis – Watlow®, a designer and manufacturer of electric heaters, controllers and temperature sensors, introduces UL® 508A certified control panels for oil and gas process heater applications. Watlow control panels encompass proper controller schematics and panel design to ensure trouble-free process control operations.

Watlow control panels have the ability to drive up to 480VAC, 144 amperes, three-phase, 120kW heating systems (higher ratings offered on custom panels) and are Type 4 rated enclosures that carry the UL®certification mark. Component installation and wiring conform to applicable UL® 508, NEC and/or CEC standards.

Watlow control panels are also suitable for indoor or non-hazardous installations, which make them ideal for many oil and gas control process applications. They are designed with a rugged construction suitable for industrial and commercial locations and are rated for an operating environment of 32 to 95°F (0 to 35°C).

About Watlow

Since the company's founding in 1922, Watlow has brought its thermal expertise to applications for semiconductor processing, photovoltaics, energy processing, diesel emissions, foodservice equipment, medical equipment and aerospace. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Watlow is the largest custom designer and manufacturer of industrial heaters, sensors and controllers with offices and manufacturing facilities around the world.

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Watlow manufacturers Electric heaters, Temperature controls and Temperature sensors in the USA.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Penberthy ( Pentair ) LM Eductors (Jet Pumps)

Penberthy medium head liquid jet pumps.

Penberthy is now part of Pentair Valves and Controls.  Pentair purchased the Penberhty product line from Tyco Valves.

Anderson-Bolds sells Penberthy Medium Head (LM Series), Liquid Motive Jet Pumps in Bronze, Cast Iron, Carbon Steel (CS), Stainless Steel (SS), Monel, Hastelloy, PVC, Polypropylene. The Penberthy LM Series Eductors are used for liquid transfer, pumping liquids, dilluting liquids, and lifting/elevating liquids. The Penberthy LM Series can also be used for exhausting steam, air/gases, the transport or dillution of liquid slurries, and the transport of powders.
The LM Series has a discharge head range from 40 to 80 feet (water).
Pumping liquids using a liquid or gas (steam) motive is one of the most recognized uses of Penberthy jet pumps. These units can also be used for blending, evacuating, exhausting and priming. These units are self-priming, have no moving parts and provide a very simple cost effective method of handling a wide variety of liquids and processes. These units are used for all aspects of water treatment, refrigeration, petroleum, petro chemical, mining and general process industries.

Jet Pumps / Eductors are sized by their outlets and suction ports. The motive or inlet ports tend to be smaller than "size" of the pump.

If a different material is required like Hastelloy or Monel, please fill out our Feedback form with your request.


Penberthy ( Pentair ) Parts in Stock

Anderson-Bolds has the following Penberthy (Tyco Valve) parts in stock as of 2/20/12.

Penberthy is now part of Pentair Valves and Controls

Penberthy Liquid Eductor, LL series, 1/2A size in PVC. 56834-020. call to order.

Penberthy Liquid Eductor, LH series, 1/2A size in SS. 56835-030.

Penberthy mixing Eductor, CTE series, 3/8 size in SS. 70000 21814

Penberthy mixing Eductor, CTE series, 1-1/2 size in CI. 70000 21835

Penberthy 62DP flocculant dispersers, 3/4 inch in DELRIN. 55686-010

Penberthy N7A drain cock, Bronze, 1/2 inch NPTM, 3/8 NPTF. 65066-040

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Anderson-Bolds in Cleveland, Ohio sells Penberthy Products, eductors, jet pumps, site flows, drain cocks, mag gages, reflex glass gages, transparent gages.