Saturday, April 30, 2016

TRC Southwire High Power 100 Amp GFCI - ELCI

Anderson-Bolds sells TRC / Southwire GFCI's and ELCI's up to 100 AMPS.

These are the  new Southwire TRC 24736-001 and 24994-001 100 amp 6-10-30 Trip Level GFCI and ELCI Units.

Anderson-Bolds is your source for Commercial safety products including GFCIs and ELCIs.

GFCIs and ELCIs are used for personnel and equipment protection.

TRC has engineered a new option for the HD-PROTM series called 6.10.30TM.
Configured for both in-line and bulk head mount. This unique new design allows the user to select and lock in the most sensitive trip level at which a specific type of equipment can be operated without nuisance tripping. Adjustable settings
include trip levels for 6mA, 10mA and 30mA. Trip level flexibility to meet your needs in one single device - HD-PROTM with 6.10.30TM.  6.10.30TM key enables trip level selection and locking at a trip level with key removal.  

The GFCIs protect Motors, Pumps, Pressure Washers, Conveyors, Welders and lifts.

Go To GFCI/ELCI Store Page HERE. or call 216-360-9800

TRC 24736-001 and TRC 24994-001
100 amp GFCI/ELCI


Voltage:  480 or 600 volts AC and three phase
AMPS: 100
Cord Gauge: 2/4 AWG
Trip Levels: 6mA, 10mA, 30mA - chosen by Key Switch
GFCI Response Time: 25mS
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Endurance: 3,000 operations minimum
Overload Current: SIX times rated current
Temperature Range: -20C to +40C
Power n Indicator: Light
Drop Out Voltage: About 60% rated voltage
Reset Type: Auto
Connection: Flying Leads
Enclosure: NEMA 4 Polymer


Friday, April 29, 2016

ATC 17.5 mm Din Rail Timer 175MD

Anderson-Bolds sells the ATC 175MD Din Rail Timer

 The new Automatic Timing and Controls 175MD din rail mount multi-function timer series provides slim space saving design and 15 functions including on-delay, interval, signal off delay and asymmetrical repeat cycle. 
Packaged in a 17.5 mm housing with an 8 amp SPDT relay output contact configuration it can be easily configured via front keypad buttons with backlit display for time range (0 to 999 seconds / minutes / hours), time scale and mode setting and includes a universal supply voltage of 20-240 vac/dc (50/60Hz). 

The ATC 175MD is UL approved and CE certified. 

The ATC 175MD Features:
15 Functions
8 time ranges
Front Key Pad Setting
Universal Supply Voltage
Slim Design
DIN rail Mount
Size is 17.5 millimeters

ATC 175MD Din Rail Timer Anderson-Bolds


Supply Voltage: 20-240 AC/DC and 50/60 Hz.
IP40 for case and IP20 for terminals
Contacts: SPDT 8 amps @ 250V AC
Time Ranges: 0-99.9 Seconds, 0-99.9 Minutes, 0-99.9 Hours, 0-999 Seconds, 0-999 Minutes, 0-999 Hours, 0-9:59 min:secs (10 minutes), 0-9:59 hr:min (10 hours)
Counting/Timing direction is DOWN.
Memory : YES

ON Delay or Delay on Make (A)
Interval (B)
Asymmetrical cyclic (OFF time first) (C)   FLIP FLOP Timer
Asymmetrical cyclic (ON time first) (D)     FLIP FLOP Timer
Cyclic (OFF time first) (E)   Recycle Timer
Cyclic (ON time first) (F)     Recycle Timer
Pulse Output (H)
OFF Delay or Delay on Break (J)
Delay on Make / Break (K)
Interval after Break (L)
Single Shot (P)
Retriggerable Single Shot (Q)
Latching Relay (R)
Delay with Totalize (T)
Interval with Totalize (U)

17.5 width x 90 high x 44 deep (mm)

UL Approved and CE certified


Sunday, April 3, 2016

Fenwal 17000-0 Sereis THERMOSWITCHES

Anderson-Bolds Stocks Fenwal 17000-0 series Temperature switches.

The Fenwal THERMOSWITCH developed by Dr. Wall and Mr. Fenn in the 1930's is still used to day for accurate Temperature control for commercial and industrial applications.  The THERMOSWITCH used the method of dis-similar metals to measure temperature. The outer shell and interior struts expand and contract at different rates and by use of a spring the switch can be adjusted to require more or less expansion for different temperature settings.

The Fenwal Series 17000-0 is a simple cartridge style thermostat, 5/8 inch in diameter and 3.72 inches long.
It is made of brass or stainless steel, the brass version has a range of -100 to 400F  and the Stainless Steel has a range of -100 to 600F.

The Fenwal 17000-0 series also has  the following versions:

Fenwal HEX Head style with a Hex nut and 1/2 inch NPT pipe thread mounting. 17100-0

The Fenwal Block Head style for adding certain Modifications.  17200-0

The Flange Mount with Block head for easy mounting.  17300-0

The Fenwal 17800-0 with terminal box, NPT threads and knob and dial.

The Fenwal 18000-0 series with double headed fittings (coupling head).

All the above versions come in a stainless steel versions as well as open-on-temperature rise or close-on-temperature rise versions.