Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Menics PTM Tower Light

Menics has introduced a new tower light. this LED stack light utilizes one lens but can illuminate in three different colors, normally Red, Yellow, Green, but also, Red, Blue, Green. This reduces height of the light as well as cost as there is only one stack. A buzzer can be added to the stack for an audible alarm to go with the visual.

Features of the light are:
Prism cut lenses for even light distribution.
Pole or wall mounting.
Steady or flashing modes.
1 Stack / 3 colors
Buzzer kit available.
LED lights for long life.

056 mm diameter
24v ac/dc
90-240v AC
IP 65 without buzzer
IP 50 with buzzer
flash rate is 80/min
UL, CE and RoHs approved
Terminals or Lead wires.


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