Saturday, November 19, 2011

3L Filters by CCI Thermal

Coming soon To Anderson-Bolds

3L Filters™ from CCI Thermal Technologies Inc. has exceeded the most demanding industrial filtration requirements for over 40 years. A broad range of standard and custom products includes liquid filters, strainers, separators, pressure vessels, and engineered products and systems. 3L Filters™ has special expertise for nuclear, petrochemical, water treatment and environmental applications.

3L Filters™ upholds the very highest standards of quality in the design and production of our filtration systems, which has made 3L an industry leader in our field. Products are specifically designed to meet ASME VIII Div. 1 and/or Nuclear SEC III CL-1 standards. Additionally, 3L Filters™ has the capability to design and build engineered filtration systems to customer specifications for virtually any application in any environment.

ACF - Activated Carbon Filter

VC - Clay Treater

L - Dehydrator

FGCS - Fuel Gas Conditioning System

FM - Fuel Monitor

GFS - Gas Filter Separator

HV - Liquid Filter Separator (Two Stage Horizontal)

Liquid Filter Separator (Two Stage Vertical)

VV - Liquid Filter Separator (Two Stage Vertical)

WAL - Liquid Filter Separator (Three Stage Horizontal)

FLODRI - Flo-Dri Natural Gas Scrubbing System

NGS1000 Natural Gas Scrubbing System

Liquid Filter Separator (Two Stage Vertical)

Other products by CCI Thermal

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