Sunday, February 19, 2012

Penberthy ( Pentair ) Parts in Stock

Anderson-Bolds has the following Penberthy (Tyco Valve) parts in stock as of 2/20/12.

Penberthy is now part of Pentair Valves and Controls

Penberthy Liquid Eductor, LL series, 1/2A size in PVC. 56834-020. call to order.

Penberthy Liquid Eductor, LH series, 1/2A size in SS. 56835-030.

Penberthy mixing Eductor, CTE series, 3/8 size in SS. 70000 21814

Penberthy mixing Eductor, CTE series, 1-1/2 size in CI. 70000 21835

Penberthy 62DP flocculant dispersers, 3/4 inch in DELRIN. 55686-010

Penberthy N7A drain cock, Bronze, 1/2 inch NPTM, 3/8 NPTF. 65066-040

to order, click on links above or call, 866-360-9810

Anderson-Bolds in Cleveland, Ohio sells Penberthy Products, eductors, jet pumps, site flows, drain cocks, mag gages, reflex glass gages, transparent gages.

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