Friday, April 29, 2016

ATC 17.5 mm Din Rail Timer 175MD

Anderson-Bolds sells the ATC 175MD Din Rail Timer

 The new Automatic Timing and Controls 175MD din rail mount multi-function timer series provides slim space saving design and 15 functions including on-delay, interval, signal off delay and asymmetrical repeat cycle. 
Packaged in a 17.5 mm housing with an 8 amp SPDT relay output contact configuration it can be easily configured via front keypad buttons with backlit display for time range (0 to 999 seconds / minutes / hours), time scale and mode setting and includes a universal supply voltage of 20-240 vac/dc (50/60Hz). 

The ATC 175MD is UL approved and CE certified. 

The ATC 175MD Features:
15 Functions
8 time ranges
Front Key Pad Setting
Universal Supply Voltage
Slim Design
DIN rail Mount
Size is 17.5 millimeters

ATC 175MD Din Rail Timer Anderson-Bolds


Supply Voltage: 20-240 AC/DC and 50/60 Hz.
IP40 for case and IP20 for terminals
Contacts: SPDT 8 amps @ 250V AC
Time Ranges: 0-99.9 Seconds, 0-99.9 Minutes, 0-99.9 Hours, 0-999 Seconds, 0-999 Minutes, 0-999 Hours, 0-9:59 min:secs (10 minutes), 0-9:59 hr:min (10 hours)
Counting/Timing direction is DOWN.
Memory : YES

ON Delay or Delay on Make (A)
Interval (B)
Asymmetrical cyclic (OFF time first) (C)   FLIP FLOP Timer
Asymmetrical cyclic (ON time first) (D)     FLIP FLOP Timer
Cyclic (OFF time first) (E)   Recycle Timer
Cyclic (ON time first) (F)     Recycle Timer
Pulse Output (H)
OFF Delay or Delay on Break (J)
Delay on Make / Break (K)
Interval after Break (L)
Single Shot (P)
Retriggerable Single Shot (Q)
Latching Relay (R)
Delay with Totalize (T)
Interval with Totalize (U)

17.5 width x 90 high x 44 deep (mm)

UL Approved and CE certified


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