Monday, July 31, 2017

Autonics Thru Beam Sensor

Anderson-Bolds sells Autonics BP Thru Beam Sensors

BPS Series features flat shape for easy installation and waterproof structure rated by IP67. Also, despite its small size, this series has powerful sensing capabilities to a sensing distance of up to 3m.

Features* Easy to mount by Flat type
* Realization of 3m sensing distance as small size
* Protection structure IP67(IEC standard)

Sensor Specifications
NPN sensor, Dark On, 1ms Response Time, 12-24 VDC, Infrared LED, Current load is 100mA, RED LED for power on indication, IP67, CE Approval.

BPS3M-TDT is an NPN and Dark On Photo Electric

BPS3M-TDTL is an NPN and Light On Photo Electric

BPS3M-TDT-P is an PNP and Dark On Photo Electric

BPS3M-TDTL-P is an PNP and Light On Photo Electric

Autonics BPS3M-TDT-P PNP Thru Beam Sensor


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