Monday, February 26, 2018

ATC 407C Multi Range Timer (TDR)

Anderson-Bolds Stocks the ATC 407C Time Delay Relay.

ATC is Automatic Timing and Controls (Marshbellowfram)

Model 407C 1/16 DIN Multimode Timer w/Octal Pins

On Delay, Off Delay and Interval Timing Modes.

ATC 407C500 Timer/Time Delay Relay

  • 1/6 DIN multimode timer
  • Selectable On-Delay/Off-Delay/Interval Timing Modes
  • Separate Start Input
  • Output Contacts rated 10A at 120/240 VAC and 30 VDC
  • Six Timing Ranges in a single unit:
    1 and 10 sec., min., and hours
    5 and 50 sec., min., and hours
  • Universal Power Supply; 24-240 VAC and 24 VDC
  • 48mm2 DIN Standard housing
  • Large and easy to read dial shows decimal points
  • Round (octal) socket mount or mount in panel cutout
  • Watertight when panel mounted
  • Range and Mode select are tamper proof when panel mounted
  • Unique flashing cycle progress indication
CE listing and UL recognized

ATC 407C100F3X 1/16 DIN ANALOG SET TDR, Multi-Mode TDR
1 and 10 seconds, 1 and 10 minutes, 1 and 10 and hours  =  6 ranges

ATC 407C500F3X 1/16 DIN ANALOG SET TDR, Multi-Mode
5 and 50 seconds, 5 and 50 minutes, 5 and 50 and hours  =  6 ranges

Buy Octal (8 pin) socket for 407C timer HERE


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