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Danfoss Heating Mats - LX indoor Heating

Anderson-Bolds is a representative for Danfoss Electric Heating Mats in the Ohio, W. PA and KY areas.

Danfoss provides heating mats and cables (LX) for residential homes and commercial indoor spaces, (GX) sidewalks, driveways and loading docks for snow melting and (RX) cables for pipe tracing and roof and gutter ice protection.

The Danfoss LX mats (and cables) are for under floor heating, especially for bathrooms, kitchens and vestibule areas in a home.

Danfoss LX Electric Floor Heating System (Self-Adhesive Mat & Thermostat) is an affordable luxury that brings warmth to life. It's a proven technology that is safe, reliable, and energy efficient. The unique adhesive system saves 70% on installation time!

• Pre-applied heating cable means even heat every time
• Dual-adhesive backing, no fastening required
• Single point connection
• Twin conductor cable
• Eliminates EMF’s (electromagnetic fields)
• Customize mat on the job site
• Minimal thickness-only adds 3/16” height to the floor
• Safety approved for wet locations
• Even heat every time
• No fastening required
• Genuine ten year non-prorated warranty, includes labor and materials

Danfoss LX Floor Heating Cable (not mats) Systems combine the highest comfort levels with maximum energy efficiency.

• Single point connection
• Twin conductor cable
• Eliminates EMF’s (electromagnetic fields)
• Safety approved for wet locations
• Flexible installation
• Durable construction
• Genuine ten year non-prorated warranty, includes labor and materials.

Danfoss Reflect Insulation Plates are a revolutionary designed product that eliminates the need for a top coat on floating floors. When combined with Danfoss LX heating cables, Reflect provides the perfect solution for quick and easy installation of electric floor heating under engineered wood or laminate floors. The combination of an insulating subfloor and a heat-conducting surface ensures optimum heat is delivered up through the floor. Not used with mats, only cable.

• Best solution available for heating under laminate and engineered wood flooring
• Save time, no mixing of thin set or mud required
• Reflective plates heat quickly and evenly for maximum comfort
• High R-value insulation helps to reduce energy consumption
• Ideal for concrete floors and basement renovations

Both the cable and mats come in 120 or 240 volts. Never cut the RED wire.

The Danfoss LX Thermostat raises the bar for aesthetic appeal while offering industry-leading functionality. The LX electronic thermostat offers optimum comfort and numerous user-friendly features:

• Large backlit display for easy programming
• Includes Class-A GFCI for safety (approved for wet locations)
• Simple to program with intuitive on-screen menus
• Monitor energy consumption
• Dual voltage capability (can operate at either 120V or 240V)
• Four event, seven day ENERGY SAVINGS programming
• Easily upgrade older model LX thermostats

088L5130 Thermostat is the standard Thermostat for under floor sensing.  It has a built in GFCI and unique programming.  When you set the time for the thermostat to come, it is actually the time the floor will be ready (warm).  the thermostat will learn the heat up time and have the floor warm when you want it warm.  No need to adjust through out the year.
LX Programmable Thermostat with Floor Sensor
40°F to 104°F (5°C to +40°C)
32°F to 104°F (0°C to +40°C)
Class A (5mA trip level) GFCI
120V-240V max., 50/60Hz
15A max load
1800W at 120VAC, 3600W at 240VAC  max power
UL  Listed

The new LX Series Power Module makes it easy to connect more heating mats or cables to the same thermostat without the need for contactor panels. Allows additional mats to be added to a single thermostat or control point.

- An easy control solution for large areas
- Receives on/off command from the main thermostat
- Each Power Module adds 15A switching capability
- Can add up to five PM's to any thermostat
- Includes GFCI protection
- For use with programmable LX thermostats only

The Danfoss Little Buzzer continuity tester is a great tool to take advantage of while installing the LX mats or cables. The Little Buzzer is designed to monitor the mats or cables during installation process and sounds an alarm if the heating elements are cut or damaged. This allows for easy repair before the floor coverings are laid. The device is battery powered.

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Electric Floor Heating and Snow Melting for Homeowners

Danfoss LX Electric Floor Heating is an affordable luxury that brings warmth to life. Underfloor warming is a proven technology that’s safe, reliable and energy efficient. Our electric floor heating systems were designed with the installer in mind: pre-applied heating cable, single point connection, self-adhesive backing, quick installation, genuine 10-year warranty.

Danfoss GX Electric Snow Melting provides a permanent solution to the problems caused by cold weather.  It improves safety by providing instant relief from snow and ice and increase your bottom line by reducing the cost associated with applying chemicals, or hiring an outside service.  The system is designed for a wide variety of surface materials including concrete, asphalt, and paving stones.

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