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Penberthy Jets/Eductor styles

Anderson-Bolds sells Penberthy Eductors / JET PUMPS

Cross Reference between Penberthy and Jacoby Eductors.

Providing a practical alternative to more complicated and expensive methods, Penberthy jet pumps offer simple, more cost-effective ways to pump, mix or heat a wide range of liquids and gases used in the process industry. Jet pumps can operate with a wide variety of motive liquids and gases. If you recognize any of the following, you can probably use a Penberthy jet pump.

Injectors • Exhausters • Ejectors • Siphons
• Eductors • Boosters • Kinematic Pumps

Penberthy jet pumps have a myriad of uses. Jet pumps not only pump liquids, they can also heat, mix, and blend either in-line or in a tank. Jet pumps can evacuate gases, create a vacuum, boost suction pressures, mix granular solids with liquids and move granular solids with compressed air. In fact, you will be surprised at what a jet pump can do to solve your problem.

Penberthy Model LLJacoby Model SL
Penberthy Model LMJacoby Model ML 
Penberthy Model LHJacoby Model HL 
Penberthy Model GLJacoby Model SG 
Penberthy Model GHJacoby Model HG 
Penberthy Model HLMJacoby Model MLH 
Penberthy Model ELLJacoby Model MLE 
Penberthy Model RJJacoby Model MLE 
Penberthy Model CTEJacoby Model TLA 
Penberthy Model TMEJacoby Model TLM 

Liquid Motive Eductors are the LL, LM and LH models.
Water is the usual liquid motive.

LL series - 15-200 psig (100-1380 kPag) - Head pressure to to 50 ft. (15.2 m)–H2O

LH series - 15-200 psig (100-1380 kPag) - Head pressure 40 to 80 ft. (12.2-24.4 m)–H2O

LH series - 15-200 psig (100-1380 kPag) - Head pressure 80 ft. (24.4 m) or more–H2O

Gas or Steam motive Eductors are the GL and GH models.
Another method of pumping liquids is to use steam as the motive. This type of jet pump works best
in applications where a minimal amount of infusion of the motive media with the liquid to be transported is required. Quiet operating steam motive jet pumps, like liquid motive pumps, are simply designed with no packing glands and no moving parts to wear out.

GL model eductor 
Motive steam pressure to elevate liquid 50 ft. (15.2 m)
150 psig (1035 kPag)

Motive steam pressure range :  60-150 psig

Suction lift–water temp. to 120° F (49° C) : up to 20 ft. (6.1m)

Minimum NPSH : 13 ft. (4 m)

GL model eductor 
Motive steam pressure to elevate liquid 50 ft. (15.2 m)
75 psig (520 kPag)
Motive steam pressure range :  35-150 psig

Suction lift–water temp. to 120° F (49° C) : up to 20 ft. (6.1m)

Minimum NPSH : 13 ft. (4 m)

Penberthy Models LM, ELL and FL are perfect for many gas pumping operations where more costly and complicated pumps have been used. Imagine being able to use a jet pump to: create a vacuum, evacuate gases from tanks and vessels, scrub a gas to remove contaminants, remove fumes, for gas condensation, drying, distillation, deaeration and more.

Model ELL 
Motive medium pressure range : 20-200 psig

suction range  1-27 inches Hg

Penberthy circulating tank eductors, also known as in-tank mixers, may provide a low cost alternative over other mechanical methods. These units promote more thorough mixing action than either mechanical mixing or air sparging. The flow pattern is easily controlled and provides more complete integration of substances in a wide variety of viscosities and liquids. Penberthy in-tank mixers are inherently non- clogging, and with no moving parts require little or no maintenance. Slurries containing abrasive solids can wear out mechanical mixer blades, involving constant maintenance and process down time.

CTE - Circulating Tank Eductor
Pressure differential of inlet to tank pressure - 10-100 psig (70-690 kPag)
Mixing ratio : 3:1
Max. operating liquid viscosity: up to 2,000 cPs


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