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Q'Mark MUH Electric Unit Heater

Q'Mark MUH (Modular Unit Heater) by Marley

The Q'Mark Space Mod Unit Heater can be found just about anywhere heating enclosed spaces to keep people warm or for freeze protection.  The heaters are easy to mount on a wall or the ceiling. Ratings are from 3 kw to 50 kw in all the standard voltages.  Used in Warehouses, Garages, Sheds, Exposition Centers, Rest Rooms, Rest Stops, Factories, Tents and Trucks to name a few.

Anderson-Bolds has provided Electric Unit Heaters to the Ohio and Kentucky marketplace for over 70 years!

MUH - Auxiliary, supplementary or primary heat source in factories, stores, garages, basements, warehouses, public buildings, service stations, stock-rooms, offices, large or exposed areas.

    Unit mounts either horizontally or vertically. Totally versatile. For factories, warehouses, garages, stores, shipping rooms, power stations, aircraft hangers, etc. Can be used for primary, supplemental, spot or dual-system heating.
    Wide range of optional control kits are field installable, increasing the MUH adaptability to the specification market.
    Forced air unit heater with 10 power ratings; from 3kW to 50kW heating output; 208, 240, 277 and 480V; 10,230 to 170,500 BTU/hr.
    32 compatible models (no need to try to assemble a heating system from 70 or 80 models).
    Heavy gauge die-formed steel housing. Two-toned smartly styled.
    Advanced pull-through air flow design draws air across heating element for more even air distribution and cooler element operation.
    Specially designed venturi outlet to meet that added throw as required in vertical position.
    Branch circuit fusing (when required).
    1 or 3-phase wiring on 5 through 10kW 208/240V and 15kW 208V units (field interchangeable).
    24V control transformer standard on most models, providing a safer and more accurate means of temperature control. 3kW and 5kW 208-277V, have line voltage controls as standard (24V control available on made-to-order basis).
    Automatic reset linear thermal cut-out, capillary type, provides protection over entire length of element areas (Manual reset protection available on made-to-order basis).
    2-speed fan selector switch (25 to 50kW models).
    Fan delay feature eliminates cold drafts. Element heats up before fan cuts in, then fan continues to distribute heat after element shuts off.

• Individually adjustable discharge louvers to control air flow.
• Meets all UL, NEC, and OSHA requirements.

Unit heaters should not be used in potentially explosive atmospheres. The finish is not intended for direct salt spray exposure in marine applications or the highly corrosive atmospheres of swimming pools, chemical storage bins, etc. Do not install unit heaters above recommended maximum mounting height. Obstructions must not block unit heater air inlet or discharge. Heaters must be mounted at least 7’ above the floor to prevent accidental contact with the heating element or fan blade which could cause injury.

Mounting Accessories:
Universal Wall and Ceiling Bracket

MMB-10   MUH-03, 05, 07 & 10
MMB-20   MUH-15 and MUH-20
MMB-30   MUH-25 and MUH-30
MMB-50   MUH-40 and MUH-50

Ceiling Bracket

MCMB-10   MUH-03, 05, 07 &  MUH-10
MCMB-20   MUH-15 and MUH-20
MCMB-30   MUH-25 and MUH-30
MCMB-50   MUH-40 and MUH-50


MT-1  Single Pole Internal Thermostat Temp. Range: 40°F - 85°F
MT-2  Two Stage Internal Thermostat Temp. Range: 40°F - 85°F
MCFS  Internal Summer Fan Switch
MRFS-1   Remote Summer Fan Switch (Line Voltage)
NRfS-2  Remote Summer Fan Switch with Relay (24V Coil-Single Pole Normally Open)
MHRT  Heater Recovery Thermostat with Relay (24V Coil-Single Pole Normally Open) Hi — 120°F; Low — 60°F
MPDS-25  Power Disconnect Switch (3 Pole)
MPDS-60  Power Disconnect Switch (3 Pole)

Anderson-Bolds is the Q'Mark Representative in Ohio and Kentucky.
Contact us with our Application Form or call 216-360-9800

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