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Q'Mark Zero Clearance Unit Heater - CHPR25

Compact Freeze Protection Unit Heater by Q'Mark and Anderson-Bolds

Use the Anderson-Bolds' HVAC Application Form for Help with your application!

Model CHPR25 is a unique application heater approved for installation in a concealed space, an area between a finished ceiling and drop ceiling, a plenum space, or inside a plenum. It may be installed in areas that are not readily accessible and may be installed for freeze protection.

The Features of the Q'Mark CHPR25 are:

18 ga. all steel casing with neutral grey polyester powder coat finish for corrosion protection
Easy to install using the hanging bracket supplied
Steel finned low watt density element. Fins and elements are arranged in a uniform grid
pattern to assure that all incoming air passes through the heating element.
High limit thermal cutout automatically shuts off current in the event of
overheating and reactivates the heater when temperature returns to normal.
Fan delay control
Optional alarm (240V) to alert automatic thermal limit tripped. Model AFL240
ETL Listed - Control number 9900268
Built-in, heavy duty, contactor/relay
Control Box gasketed to keep out moisture and dust. NEMA 12 construction
Fan motor is totally enclosed, permanently lubricated and thermally protected
Great air throw
Single Point field wiring connection

The Q'Mark CHPR25 is COMPACT 

• Axial fan design allows for smaller unit size
• Dimensions: 12”H X 14”W X 14”L 
• Weight: 26 lbs.
• Standard hanging bracket supplied
• Can also be installed with threaded rod


Model CHPR25 is design certified by ETL to comply with Standard for
Heating and Cooling Equipment ANSI/UL 1995 and CAN/CSA No. 236-05,
third edition. Meets stringent City of Chicago codes for plenum use.


Model CHPR25 is rated for zero clearance to any surface mounted next to the sides, top, and bottom of
the metal cabinet. The rear (entry air) and front (exit air) must have the proper clearances stated in the
installation manual.
Minimum Installation Clearances
REAR: 7-3/8 in. (187 mm)
FRONT: 24 in. (610 mm)


• Output: 2500 Watts
• Voltage: 240 1 Phase
• BTUH: 8530 Amps:10.7
• Temp Range: 40°F to 90°F with Positive OFF


This unit is designed for light commercial and residential use and costs less to operate than larger plenum heaters. It may be installed inside a plenum, plenum space, concealed space between a finished ceiling and drop ceiling or in any open space above a ceiling or below a floor that is used as an air plenum. Perfect for parking garage ceilings, industrial space heating, or crawl spaces.

The Q'Mark chpr25 is rated:

208     /   240 volts
1.9     /   2.5 KW
Single Phase
63987  /   8530  BTUH
130    /  150 CFM
46     /  60 degree rise in temperature
9.42 / 10.7 amps

Q'Mrkk Model CFP25 is designed, tested and Listed by Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc. (ETL/C-ETL Listing Mark) to comply with the following standards:
USA: ANSI/UL 1995 titled “Heating and Cooling Equipment”
Canada: CSA C22.2 No. 236-05, third edition titled “Heating and Cooling Equipment”

This unit is specifically designed and approved for freeze protection installations into a concealed space and other areas not readily accessible. Typical applications include plenums and associated plenum spaces (such as areas above a finished ceiling that contain utilities), crawl spaces, water closets and other concealed locations where freeze protection is required.
Note: rated static pressure is 0.20” sp . This unique heater is provided with a set of normally open contacts that can supply a line voltage signal to an alarm device if desired to provide early notice if for any reason the heater cycles off on its built-in over temperature safety control. This can provide an early notification to allow for repairs BEFORE a freeze up occurs

1.   Fan Blade           1210-2017-000    Need 1
2.   Time Delay          410171003          Need 1
3.   High Limit            1414-2037-000    Need 1
4.   Motor                  3900-11007-001  Need 1
6    watt unit bearing
5.   Relay                 1414-2038-000     Need 1
6.   Terminal Block   5823-0004-000     Need 1
7.   Thermostat        5813-2091-000    Need 1
8.   Thermostat Knob   3301-2053-000  Need 1
9.   Wire Guard            312056-000     Need 2
10. Element                 302006807

Use the Anderson-Bolds HVAC Application Form for Help with your application!
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Q'Mark and Marley Engineered Products LIMITED WARRANTY
All products manufactured by Marley Engineered Products are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for one year from date of installation, except heating elements which are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for five years from date of installation. This warranty does not apply to damage from accident, misuse, or alteration; nor where the connected voltage is more than 5% above the nameplate voltage; nor to equipment improperly installed or wired or maintained in violation of the product’s installation instructions. All claims for warranty work must be accompanied by proof of the date of installation. The customer shall be responsible for all costs incurred in the removal or reinstallation of products, including labor costs, and shipping costs incurred to return products to Marley Engineered Products Service Center. Within the limitations of this warranty, inoperative units should be returned to the nearest Marley authorized service center or the Marley Engineered Products Service Center, and we will repair or replace, at our option, at no charge to you with return freight paid by Marley. It is agreed that such repair or replacement is the exclusive remedy available from Marley Engineered Products. THE ABOVE WARRANTIES ARE IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. AND ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE WHICH EXCEED THE AFORESAID EXPRESSED WARRANTIES ARE HEREBY DISCLAIMED AND EXCLUDED FROM THIS AGREEMENT. MARLEY ENGINEERED PRODUCTS SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARISING WITH RESPECT TO THE PRODUCT, WHETHER BASED UPON NEGLIGENCE, TORT, STRICT LIABILITY, OR CONTRACT. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusion or limitation may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. For the address of your nearest authorized service center, contact Marley Engineered Products in Bennettsville, SC, USA, at 1-800-642-4328. Merchandise returned to the factory must be accompanied by a return authorization and service identification tag, both available from Marley Engineered Products. When requesting return authorization, include all catalog numbers shown on the products.


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