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Meltric DS Series DeContactors ~ Industrial Plugs

Meltric DS20 Switch Rated Plugs from Anderson-Bolds

Meltric Plugs make Safety Easy and safe money and time when changing motors, fans, pumps and lighting. The Switch rated Meltric plug and receptacles are NEC listed as a "Line of Sight" Disconnect!

The versatile DS Series plugs and receptacles offer the highest amperage range. Most models are available in metal or Poly material.

  • 20A to 200A
  • Max 25hp
  • NEMA 3R (4X option)
  • Poly or Metal Casing

Choose DS Series for its...
Switch & horsepower ratings
Higher amperage range (20-200A)
Poly or metal casings (some sizes)

Common Applications
Most industrial applications
High hp motor applications

 Using Meltric DS20 Decontactor plugs and receptacles to connect motors instead of hard-wiring can help to reduce equipment change-out downtime by as much as 50%. When replacement motors are pre-wired with Decontactor inlets or plugs, a mechanic can safely perform the electrical connections simply by unplugging the old motor and plugging in the new one.
  • No waiting for an electrician to perform field wiring
  • No “suiting-up” or extraordinary electrical precautions
  • No need to field test (jog the motor) to ensure proper rotation

Sections 430.102 – 430.109 of the National Electric Code require approved disconnecting means to be located in a readily accessible location within sight of the motor and driven equipment. With their UL & CSA ratings for “Motor Circuit Disconnect Switching” and “Branch Circuit Disconnect Switching”, Decontactor devices are an approved ‘line of sight’ disconnect switch for meeting this requirement.

Lock Out Tag Out made easy with the Switch Rated Meltric deContactors.

DS 20 Series are 20 amp rated industrial Plugs and Receptacles.

Voltage: 600VAC;  250 VDC
Switch Ratings (AC Only)
Branch Circuit and Motor Circuit Disconnect Switch

Horsepower Ratings:
120V 1P   1/2 HP
208V 3P   3 HP
240V 3P   3 HP
480V 3P   5 HP
600V 3P   7.5 HP

Short Circuit Rating
100kA Close & Withstand Testing was performed with RK1 current limiting fuses sized at 400% of the highest full load motor ampacity associated with the devices hp rating.

Environmental Ratings
NEMA 3R, IP54/IP55* *IP54 when the plug & receptacle are mated. IP55 on the receptacle alone when the lid is latched closed.

UL listed 1682 for Plugs and receptacles.
UL listed 2682 for Branch circuit disconnect and Motor Circuit Disconnect.

A Typical System would be:

A Box with Angle (31-1A053-808-12)

480/3/60 Receptacle (33-14043) 

480/3/60 Male Inlet (33-18043 ) 

Poly Handle  (FH111)

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