Monday, August 31, 2015

Carlo Gavazzi RGC Din Rail Solid State Relays

Anderson-Bolds supplies DIN rail mount SSR's by Carlo Gavazzi

Carlo Gavazzi offers a comprehensive range of solid state relays (SSR’s) featuring direct copper bonding technology for increased life and reliability. SSR’s are used extensively in the plastics, packaging, food processing, and HVAC industries - primarily for temperature control. They are the logical replacement for mercury contractors.

Other applications include lighting and pump switching. Furthermore, many of our solid state relays feature horsepower ratings making them suitable for controlling motorized dampers in HVAC control systems - where their long life and noise-free switching make them ideal replacements for mechanical contractors.

Carlo Gavazzi's solid state relays range includes single phase relays up to 125 amps and 3 phase relays up to 75 amps. They are available with both digital and analogue inputs (4-20 mA or 0-10 V) Furthermore, we also offer a complete range of SSR's with a built-in heat sink.

This new range of solid state contactors presents a unique opportunity to maximize efficiency in panel space and is an evolution of solid state switches for which Carlo Gavazzi is very well known.  The Nominal current ratings are at 40 ̊C. The smallest width is 17.5mm and is rated at 20 AAC. Power and control terminals allow for safe looping of cables. Voltage transient protection is standard across the output with a varistor. Specifications are stated at 25°C unless otherwise noted. 
The new platform of RG Series also features wire bonding technology, which is a fully automated process resulting in more reliable connections, but more importantly it reduces thermal stress, therefore providing the RG Series with two to three times longer lifetime than our older designs and those by our competitors, which typically have solder connections.  The RG Series is cUL and VDE approved, and also CE certified. 

Some other dynamic features of these new game-changing products include:

Integral heat sink with robust metal DIN rail adapters

UL certified motor ratings at 600VAC

UL SCCR rating of 100kA with J class (or equivalent) fuses

Amperage rating based upon 40°C ambient temperature

Integrated MOV for over voltage protection

Integrated cooling fan on higher amperage models

High I2t of up to 18,000 A2s on some types

Option for screw, box clamp or spring loaded control inputs on some types

Optional monitoring of SSR and load failures on some types

Optional EMR and transistor alarm outputs on some types

The Carlo Gavazzi RGC can be ordered in either contactor terminal orientation of SSR orientation. The E version is contactor style and the U version and the SSR style.  Amp ratings are 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 42, 60, 62, 90 and 02.  Normally SSR's are sized up t 80% of their rating and should be derated when exposed to high ambient temperatures.

Below are a varied assortment of the relays with links to our web site.
Click here for all the Carlo Gavazzi RGC SSR's (Solid State Relays).

Carlo Gavazzi RGC SSR, 20 amps, 20-275 volts, 3-32 vdc, 17.5 mm

Carlo Gavazzi RGC SSR, 23 amps, 20-275 volts, 3-32 vdc, 17.5 mm

Carlo Gavazzi RGC SSR, 30 amps, 20-275 volts, 3-32 vdc, 22.5 mm

Carlo Gavazzi RGC SSR, 40 amps, 20-275 volts, 20-275 vac, 35.6 mm

Carlo Gavazzi RGC SSR, 60 amps, 20-275 volts, 3-32 vdc, 69.1 mm

Carlo Gavazzi RGC SSR, 65 amps, 20-275 volts, 20-275 vac, 69.1 mm

Carlo Gavazzi RGC SSR, 40 amps, 42-600 volts, 3-32 vdc, 35.6 mm

Carlo Gavazzi RGC SSR, 43 amps, 42-600 volts, 20-275 vac, 35.6 mm

Carlo Gavazzi RGC SSR, 60 amps, 42-600 volts, 3-32 vdc, 69.1 mm

Carlo Gavazzi RGC SSR, 65 amps, 42-600 volts, 20-275 vac, 69.1 mm

Carlo Gavazzi RGC SSR, 85 amps, 20-275 volts, 3-32 vdc, 69.1 mm

Carlo Gavazzi RGC SSR, 85 amps, 42-600 volts, 3-32 vdc, 69.1 mm

Carlo Gavazzi RGC SSR, 85 amps, 42-600 volts, 20-275 vac, 69.1 mm

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