Saturday, December 17, 2011

Meltric DSN Spec

Anderson-Bolds and Meltric present the DSN series of deContactor. Safety First.

Detailed spec for MELTRIC DECONTACTOR Series Switch Rated Plugs & Receptacles

Note to specifying engineer: In order to specify Meltric DECONTACTOR Series plugs and receptacles, include one or all of the items below in your job specification. The items in bold are exclusive to Meltric Decontactors and thus should be included in the specification wherever practical to avoid substitution of pin and sleeve or twist type devices.

  1. Plugs and receptacles must be listed to UL Subject 2682 'Switch Rated Plugs and Receptacles.' (Alternate for Canada: Plugs and receptacles must be CSA listed to UL Subject 2682 'Switch Rated Plugs and Receptacles').
  2. Plugs and receptacles must have constant pressure butt-contacts with solid silver-nickel tips. Pin and sleeve contacts are not permitted.
  3. Receptacles must have dead front construction: live parts must be inaccessible to thin tool or wire.
  4. Plugs and receptacles must be able to close at least once on a conditional short-circuit current of 65,000A. (Short circuit testing should be performed with RK1 current limiting fuses sized at 400% of the highest full load motor ampacity associated with the device).
  5. Plugs and receptacles must incorporate an integral switching mechanism to ensure the load is broken before the plug is removed from the receptacle.
  6. Plug and receptacle wire terminals must be spring-assisted to prevent loosening due to conductor yielding, shocks, vibrations or thermal cycling.
  7. The minimum environmental rating of plugs and receptacles must be NEMA 3R (DS Series), NEMA 4X and IP 66+67 (DSN Series), or IP67 (DB Series).
  8. Ingress protection must be achieved automatically when the plug is fully inserted into the receptacles, without additional manual operation (except DB Series).
  9. Plugs and receptacles must have a system of different keying positions in order to discriminate between circuits or incompatible operating voltages or frequencies.
  10. Plugs and receptacles installed outdoor must be able to withstand UV radiation.
  11. Plugs and receptacles shall be Meltric Decontactor Series or equal.


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