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King-Gage Guided Wave Level Radar

LevelWAVE by King-Gage - Guided Wave Radar

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Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) 
Measure Level, Volume or Ullage 
4–20 mA HART output option

KING-GAGE® LevelWAV guided wave level transmitter provides continuous measurement suitable over a broad range of temperatures, pressures and density variations in tanks containing liquids and solids. This radar transmitter can be used in process conditions exhibiting visible vapors, foam, surface agitation, high temperature and/or pressure.
KING-GAGE LevelWAV utilizes time domain reflectometry (TDR) technology whereby pulses of microwave energy are propagated down a waveguide (probe) extending into the tank contents. Guided wave radar works exceptionally well in tanks having internal structures while providing measured level accuracy to typically within ± 0.6 inch (± 15mm). Setup is easier, simpler and more repeatable than “through air” non-contacting radar because the probe minimizes energy dispersion so that it can even measure material having a very low dielectric value.
LevelWAV guided wave radar will detect the level of liquids, pastes, or slurries and easily lends itself to ullage (unfilled capacity) measurement. Probe length for each LevelWAV transmitter is factory calibrated based on tank depth to virtually eliminate on-site adjustment and commissioning.
Output from the LevelWAV radar transmitter can be monitored on KING-GAGE indicators and multiple tank displays enabling tank level to be represented as total volume, weight or depth of contents. Options include network connectivity including Ethernet. Each of these display options also provides excitation power (24Vdc) to the transmitter through the signal loop cable.
Application profiles:
Food/beverage • Chemical •  Water/wastewater • Marine
Model LWAV1000
Epoxy coated cast aluminum housing
Stainless steel braided cable or solid rod
Environmental Rating IP-65
Temperature (Process) -5°F to 392°F (-20° to +200°C)
Power Requirement 18-35 Vdc
Maximum Measurement 24m (78 Ft.)
Accuracy ±15 mm (0.6 In.)
Analog Output 4-20mAdc
Guided Wave Radar 
Microwave pulses are guided down the probe and reflected back by contact with the surface of the liquid. In time domain reflectometry (TDR), the time duration of the pulse and reflected response corresponds to distance traveled. KING-GAGE LevelWAV measures level from the tank top, enabling inventory monitoring and process measurements such as level or ullage. Unlike other probe technologies, LevelWAV is not affected by foaming of liquids or where the material tends to build up on surfaces. 
KING-GAGE LevelWAV supports point-to-point communication using HART® to monitor measured levels, device status, output value (mA) and configuration parameters. (Also supports use with a handheld HART communicator for troubleshooting and field testing of the installed unit.) 

LevelWAV Sensor Configurations 

Probe Type     Max. Length     Min. Dielectric 
4mm Cable         945 inches           2.1
8mm Cable         945 inches           2.1
Twin cable          945 inches          1.8
Rod                   236 inches           2.1
Twin Rod           118 inches           1.8

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